2021 here we come! lockdown 2 days 53 & 54

Been a busy couple of days. Mostly spent my time up at the family ‘compound’ with mom and my aunts and uncles. New Year’s Eve I had breakfast there, came home for a few hours then went back for dinner. New Year’s Day I walked over and tried to fix everyone’s mobile phone issues, then stayed for lunch before walking home.

Then we found out aunt #2 was in (what passes for a) hospital, having got a nosebleed at 4am. She got the nosebleed, probably due to the meds she’s on for her heart, and didn’t think to call emergency, but waited till it was a reasonable hour to call someone for help. By the time she got to emergency in the morning she’d lost a ton of blood so they kept her in all day. She’s 91 and a bit vague. This is the third time this has happened over the last few months. You’d think the cardiologist would take it as a hint that the meds might need looking at. Sheesh. Mom got a lift down to stay with her a while as the hospital was pretty much deserted and I picked her up later.

So, other than eating I haven’t done an awful lot over the last couple of days. Thank goodness I didn’t like much of what was on offer or I’d be lying on the couch groaning right now. As it is, I probably ate more junk at home after. (Bad!!!)

I keep saying this, but this time I’m actually going to do it. I will cut out sugar. Again. I’m sick of feeling the way I do. No more buying sweets. I’ve tossed out some stuff so I won’t eat it. I will learn to say ‘no, thanks, I don’t eat sugar’ when offered sweets. I want to go back to the way I felt about 2.5 years ago when I began my ‘get healthy’ kick – which has since gone by the wayside.

I look at photos of myself back when mom visited us and I can’t believe how fat I was. Then, having been inspired to cut sugar from my diet I began to feel better, have more energy etc even though at the time I wasn’t yet exercising. That came later, as did losing excess weight. Now I’m dangerously close to where I used to be. That is not good.

Plus COVID 19 and two lockdowns have not helped at all. Going to the gym has become something I do not want to do.

What did it for me back then was watching two things: That Sugar Film and an interview with Tom Hanks where he spoke about having diabetes. For years I’d been thinking/feeling like “well, my grandparents both had diabetes, I’ll probably get it so I may as well enjoy sugar now…” Watching Tom Hanks I realised that I could be sensible now and never get diabetes and therefore be able to eat sweets for the rest of my life… just not as a main meal.

Plus I met a lady who didn’t eat sugar and she encouraged me to do it.

Cutting to the chase, it really makes sense. If you haven’t seen the film, watch it. And consider the amount of sugar we have every day without realising it. Even if we cut it down by half, its gotta be a good thing.

So, here I am. New year, decision made. I’m saying it on here so I feel some sort of responsibility to stick with it, cause I know my lack of will power… Its not a resolution cause we all know how well those go! And its not really a willpower thing. Its more a sort of decision/attitude thing I think…

Meanwhile Eric is turning into a monster. So demanding. He’s trying to swipe food out of my hand on its way to my mouth. He goes bezerk at times and scratches and bites in play. He jumps on me constantly. He wants out and is back at the door miawing to be let in 5 minutes later. He climbs on top of chairs. He scratches at everything. He’s a PIA.

Then he’ll suddenly jump up, give me a soft miaow and rub his little head on me and snuggle in and I melt.


He has me wrapped around his little paw.


4 thoughts on “2021 here we come! lockdown 2 days 53 & 54

  1. I eat way to much sugar! I love sweets and have for probably all of my 64 years! I crave it.

    I think Eric will settle down. After all, he’s still a kitten with lots of kitten energy. It’s up to you to teach him how to be a cat, because he has no role models. You two will do fine!

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    • I eat too much sugar. One of the things that pushed me over the edge last time was realising one day that I’d eaten nothing but sweet things all day. And I felt sick. I have to take control of my health before its too late.

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