on my way home

Yes! Back home to Paros.

Athens in fine in small doses. Though with COVID19 my time in Athens is pretty boring. I simply don’t go anywhere outside the neighbourhood. I avoid buses and the metro so I don’t go into the center. I avoid anywhere there are too many people (again: the center of Athens).

And I don’t go ‘out’. I visit friends and do errands locally, all pretty much within walking distance. Boring. I did buy some more shorts though. I never ever wore shorts till I got some last year. It was so hot I wore them all the time. Now I have more to chose from. I don’t care what I look like any more.

Ahh the joys of getting older.

I noticed the National Art Gallery is opened again after its renovation but I forgot about it and didn’t go. I guess next time I’m in Athens I must make a point to visit.

Meanwhile I’m trying to take a step back and breathe about the whole reno thing. Its just so much I need to decide and think about and organise that I’ve been unable to sleep well in days with my mind going a million miles an hour.

So basically I do this:

And my favourite:

Hope you enjoyed the stuff I found online when I should have been sleeping. Maybe I’ll sleep better once I’m back home with my Lainee next to me.


2 thoughts on “on my way home

  1. I’ve been thinking about renovating the kitchen, and my brother is going to do it, I think. It keeps me up. First of all, will he listen to me about what I want done or will he be a big poop and do what HE wants? My brother can be a little bit over bearing. Second, will he interrupt our lives for very long? I’m just not sure I can work with my brother, but he does a really good job at whatever he does. He’s what YOU need! He has great vision about taking things from the beginning and finishing well.

    Do they have general contractors in Greece? He’s the guy who oversees and pulls in the tradesmen when they’re needed. He’s the guy that handles everything and makes sure things run smoothly. Maybe that’s who you need so you could be more hands-off? I’m lucky that my brother can do it all…electric, plumbing, lighting and painting. He doesn’t need to call in anyone, because he can do it. I guess that makes me lucky.

    It still keeps me awake to think about working with him, though. Maybe I’m more dreaming about how my house will look like once he’s done.Maybe once you get into your own bed sleep will come a little easier. Take care…


    • Well, best of luck with the kitchen and your brother. He sounds like a gem. Want to put him on a plane for a greek working holiday? LOL

      One of the guys I’m speaking to is like that, although he’s proving to be hard to pin down and unreliable. Once he gets a job going he does great but getting him there an be an ordeal.

      I’ve also spoken to two companies which are basically contractors. They have their own crews they put to work and oversee. Of course that comes with an added cost.

      Till we decide what needs/should be done and what we want done, I am just taking quotes and collecting information.



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