water bottle storage

Ever since I moved here I thought it would be handy to have a pull out shelf drawer cabinet thingy (what are those things called anyway?) to hide away the bottled water. The water here is meant to be great quality but you know, once you get into the habit of drinking bottled water…

Anyway, till recently I would buy a six pack of 1.5 litre bottles and put them in the corner next to the washing machine, then toss the empties on top… given the washing machine still sticks out of the kitchen bench and I still need to finish that ‘end’ of the kitchen, its not a pretty sight even without the bottles.

So while I was up at my uncle’s garage remaking the cupboard I figured I’d use the opportunity to try my hand at making my thingy.

Its basically made out of odds and ends I already had on hand, but I did have to buy the wheels. The paint I mixed up to match the existing kitchen cabinets. Its basically just a box with a shelf in it, a solid back and narrow slats to hold in the bottles. Pretty easy to make. Its not perfect, but it works.

Given I make things without any real knowledge of the hows tos, I’d say it came out pretty well. Especially cause its the exact right height! And me with my mathematical disability!

PLUS I didn’t have to re-cut anything. I got everything cut the right size first time (I have been known to waste a bit of wood now and then… but that’s ok, I usually find something to do with the ‘wrong’ bits.) I’m pretty amazed at myself really.

You may have noticed, its not all bottled water. The idea was for it to hold a full six pack of water and perhaps a couple of leftover bottles from the previous pack, but I thought it was a nice spot to store my measely collection of alcohol as well. It had the room!

So there you have it. Another home improvement brought to you by Zefi. 🙂


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