leave me alone, i’m on holiday!

Yeah. I’ve gone and disappeared again as I do periodically. But in my defense… I was lazy.

Ok, ok, I was busy.

My boss told me I had 2 weeks of work then a week off work (which turned into 2 or maybe 4) so I said fine, I’ll go on that trip to Denmark that I’d been putting off for over a year.

So, I packed my bags (well, one tiny carry on bag) and went off on a Viking adventure.

And I loved Denmark. I visited a friend who lives there and spent time with him and two teenage daughters (an adventure in itself!), visited some museums and interesting places, some second hand stores, walked around Copenhagen lots, saw the countryside, and generally found I loved Denmark.

In fact it reminded me quite a lot of Melbourne and Tasmania: “If you don’t like the weather, give it 10 minutes”. It would be beautiful and sunny, then suddenly pour rain without warning, then the sun would come out, then it would drizzle for a while, then it might get windy and cold… Just like home!

Since I’ve been back I’ve caught up on sleep and am now spending time with my oldest friend – I’ve known her since 6th grade. That’s way more years than I’d like to specify. Anyway, she has a house on Paros and comes every year except last year (thanks COVID) so I’m being a bit of a tourist with her, spending hours on the beach.

Hey. Its hard work. And very tiring.

That’s why I haven’t been posting. I put all my Denmark photos on FB but if anyone wants me to share them on here I will… and sooner or later I’ll get back to sharing projects.


2 thoughts on “leave me alone, i’m on holiday!

  1. I’d love to see your photos of Denmark. What a great opportunity! I’ve been wondering where you were! I can just as easily go over to Facebook, which I’ll do right now!

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