the white rabbit

This was a quickie project that took months to make. It actually started out as a papier mache rabbit project which began then came to a screeching halt. It sat on my table, then on the bookcase for months gathering dust till, earlier this week, a friend who has an art gallery on Paros where I showed some work this summer, encouraged me to enter something in her Halloween art competition.

I wondered what to do… and decided the best thing was to finish the white rabbit… only now he’s no longer cute and fluffy but evil and scary! Though he still has a cute fluffy tail!

If you haven’t watched The Holy Grail, you gotta see it. The white rabbit is the funniest scene, in typical bloodthirsty Monty Python fashion.

So. Rabbit here got second place. Not too bad. It was a nice evening, lovely art, a bit of fun in my boring life.

Yeah, I haven’t written for a long time. No excuse except for illness and fatigue. I was just sick and tired of everything, including blogging.

I have a few projects to share and updates on the house reno in Athens which I’ll try to get onto sharing in the next few days… but basically I’m still alive and on Paros, not kidnapped by aliens. Simply alternately busy or buried under couch cushions watching movies on Netflix. I really should get a job as a movie critic… at least it would be a productive use of my time…


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2 thoughts on “the white rabbit

  1. You did a great job on the sweet bunnie rabbit! lol I love that Monty Python section! That was a hoot! I’m glad you’re alive and kickin’. We are getting ready for a renovation…all new floors, redo 2 bathrooms and redo the kitchen. We’re looking forward to the end, but the middle not so much. We will have to live here while it’s going on with our 4 cats. We’re not sure how it will go, but we are now obligated since we have bought just about everything we need. My brother’s going to do the work, and there’s just one of him. I think the process will take much longer than we are comfortable with, but it will be very nice in the end. I’m anxious to hear about your renovation in Athens. Hear from you soon, I hope!

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    • Hang in there is all I can tell you. I’ve lived through quite a few renovations in my life already, some while living in the house as it was going on (never easy) but it can be done. Good luck with it.

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