house reno update

The house is progressing. I’m off to Athens next week to have a look at where we’re at, organise some stuff, run around like an idiot as usual.

…I’m having a little trouble with a few things. The electricity connection mostly. But I won’t bore you with that right now… its a whole post in itself…

Yes, there is light in the photo above, but its only a jerry-rigged connection to show me how the lights look. Pretty cool. Not entirely me (who likes shabby, vintage and rustic) but a nice clean modern look.

So, enjoy some photos of a house which looks entirely different to the disgusting place I took possession of after kicking out the deadbeat tenant. If you want to remember that mess, click here.

The balcony door is in place in the new kitchen. The little balcony is being tiled with the same tiles as inside.
TIles on the bathroom walls and a new smaller window.
New back door and window in the small room that used to be the kitchen. Where the window is now used to be glass bricks to let in light. Now we can get air in as well!
The window in the main bedroom isn’t in yet cause the window guys broke it… We await a replacement…
I’ve gone with the same floor tiles throughout the house.
Spots embedded in the lowered ceiling.
All new doors and frames. I didn’t pick the doors… hm… I’d have gone with all white.
There will be a new door on the storage space above the bathroom. That’s where the hot water cylinder normally sits but we no longer need one in there as we are connecting to natural gas.

I’ve already ordered mom’s bed (Ikea), one with drawers underneath, the single bed for the small room and mattresses. I’ve ordered and bought most of the appliances needed and all bathroom fixtures. The kitchen cupboards and wardrobes will be ready later this week I believe.

When I get there on Monday I think all that will need doing is making sure all is under control and buying anything I haven’t yet bought – eg. oven and dishwasher.

And…. providing we actually have electricity and a window – I will be able to start cleaning and moving stuff downstairs for mom!

Other than that I’ve been pretty flat out with a ton of stuff which needs it own post.



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