…paros and lainee – photos to enjoy

I’m so tired. I’ve been battling various organisations and government agencies on the phone for days and I’ve just had it. Time to take a break. So I thought I’d just share some photos on here that I’ve already shared on Facebook for my friends who haven’t seen them.

Starting with a photo of a collapsed Lainee on ‘her cushion’ on the couch. And below, a bored Lainee when a friend and I talked and talked at a coffee shop and ignored her.

Then there’s a series of photos I took while walking in Parikia one evening and early one morning. Below is the same street both at night and in the morning.

I didn’t walk all the exact same streets so first enjoy the night shots…

Then the photos of an early morning walk on my way to work. I love it when its so quiet.

I think I needed that just to calm my mind.


1 thought on “…paros and lainee – photos to enjoy

  1. Very nice pictures! I love them!

    So, you’re back to work! Yay! Where is it you work, and what kind of work are you doing?

    Take care…


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