cats (and more) in pastel

Slightly blurry pic. Sorry.

Sometimes I actually DO paint. Or draw. I never know what to call it really. I mean pastels come in sticks, but apparently you ‘paint’ with them cause you layer the colours on similar to paint.


These are two kitties I did recently. I did the Halloween one below for the mini art competition we had last month and while I was in the mood I did the black cat as well.

Both of these were done on coloured board which I’m finding is a great surface for pastels. Luckily I have a source for these boards so I can get them for free. For the show I bought some ready made frames and framed them. I now have them sitting in my living room like all the other projects I’ve made cause…

I think I might put them in my etsy shop… there is only so much space in here.

Last week I also attended the first life drawing session I’ve taken part in for many years. It really is a great way to sharpen those observation skills. Quick sketches to start with, 1 minute poses then 5 minutes, so that when you get to 10 or 20 minute ones you feel you have so much time! I only took a photo of my last 20 minute pose cause I gave that to the model.


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