In Athens the apartment is moving along nicely. Not without the unavoidable delays of course… I’d given an optimistic/unrealistic deadline of end of October, but theoretically, all going well it will be ready by the end of November. Not too bad really.

I say theoretically cause I applied to connect electricity on August 3rd via mom’s (and aunt 1’s) usual provider and I’m still waiting. I’ve been bounced around from provider to the greek electrical authority for weeks now, no one can give me a definitive answer of when we will have power. Apparently they sent someone out to connect power in August, found there was a problem with the electricity meter – so the guy left and no one informed me, and as far as I know nothing further was done!

Now, I know I keep comparing Greece to Australia and it’s proably not fair, but I presumed that when you ask to have your electricity connected with a certain provider, they do all the running around to make sure its done… ha.

Here we are, the entire renovation till now has been done with a LOOONG extension cord. And the nerve:

We’ve already got our first bill!!!!

I wonder how long it will be for the landline to get moved downstairs once we’re ready to do that…

Meanwhile, here are a few pics of the house as it is now.

The living room is storage for all the wardrobe bits.
The huge wardrobe in the tiny bedroom.
Kitchen cabinets will be put in today once the wardrobes are finished.
A couple of cabinets in position.
The colour of the kitchen cabinets on the left.
The wardrobe in the main bedroom is coming together.
The bathroom is still an empty shell.

All in all I’m thrilled with how its coming along. The wardrobes will be finished today.

HOPEFULLY the plumber will be here this morning to put through the natural gas pipe BEFORE the kitchen cabinets need to go in. He was meant to come yesterday…

HOPEFULLY the electricity will be connected this week (dare I hope they come today or tomorrow? don’t hold your breath)

The gas cooktop I ordered should be delivered tomorrow. Long story – there was a mix up and they delivered it to Paros so mom has sent it back… my mix up. Oops. The benchtop can be cut once we have that. We already have the sink.

I should get a call today regarding delivery of the oven and dishwasher I ordered. Ideally they’ll be delivered while I’m still here… otherwise a neighbour who is almost always home has offered to accept delivery.

So basically, its moving along nicely. More or less. Then the big job of moving mom downstairs will start…


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  1. Thanks for the update! I always have hoped that the renovation would go smoothly for you. Meanwhile, we’re still packing up everything we don’t need right now so we can get the new flooring put in. I guess the craft room (paper and fabric) is going to be the last to be packed up, because we still want/need to play in there. Besides, there’s a lot I need to go through and maybe get rid of some things, heaven forbid.

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