house progress

Most things are moving along well in the house. All windows and doors are in, the wardrobes are finished, the kitchen is coming together nicely.

Now if we could get power connected we’d be fine. See below for pics and further below for a rant.

We have a window in the main bedroom finally. And all flyscreens are in.
The wardrobe in the main bedroom.
The wardrobe in the tiny bedroom.
A small cupboard in the tiny bedroom.
The kitchen taking shape.
The oven is in!

As I said, things are coming together. The dishwasher and oven which I ordered online on Monday have arrived from Thessaloniki in northern Greece, but the power which was supposedly connected on August 26 by a ‘local’ company has still not arrived.

Its a sad sad and oft-repeated story for Greece where no one seems to communicate with anyone else, even within the same organisation let alone across different ones.

Remember the envelope saga? (You can read that here…)

It all started a long long time ago, in a land right here… An innocent little girl who’d spent her whole life in a country far far away where things seemed to make sense, moved to a country where they didn’t.

Back on August 3 I called Protergia, the power company which mom and aunt 1 have been customers of for years. I requested they reconnect power to the apartment which had been vacated by the loser tenant. I have a copy of the application/contract.

Work on the house began in September. We had no power so I called to ask how the application was going. I was told that there was an issue with the electricity meter, something about a fire, that the man from the national electricity authority (DEI) had come, seen the meter, couldn’t connect power, and left. He had supposdely referred the matter to DEDDIE – the DEI maintenance section or whatever they are. The ones that fix things basically. I was to wait, it would be fixed.

Meanwhile we ran a LONG extension cord from upstairs so that the crew could work.

In October I began calling again to see if anything had been done cause we still had no power.

I got my first bill. For electricity I didn’t have. 58 euros worth of it.

I started a game of telephone ping pong. I’d call Protergia to complain that I still had no power, they would refer me to DEDDIE to register a fault. DEDDIE would refer me back to Protergia. I’ve spent countless hours on hold with one company or the other only to be referred back to ‘the other guy’ cause ‘its not our responsibility’.

Meanwhile in all the calls I’ve made I got about 53 different stories as to what the problem was and what I needed to do. Not a single person agreed on anything. Apparently there was a fire in the meter box, a cut cable, a burnt cable, a new cable was put in without permission or the meter is locked. Which is is. Sealed. By who? When? I don’t know. I presume by the first guy who came to check it out. I even had a guy from DEDDIE come out yesterday who said the meter box has been sealed, yeah, we get that, but was so confusing in his explanation of what to do about it – something about paying money for something… I don’t bloody know – even the contractor didn’t understand.

Today I got another bill for electricity I don’t have. 140 euros worth.

This morning I had a marathon calling session, sent emails, filled in online forms, yelled at people, told the power company to take their contract and shove it and am still pretty much nowhere.

This is how I see it: I chose to go with a power provider which was known to us, and we’ve been customers of for years. I made a simple request to have power connected to a house that used to have power before the tenant moved out and disconnected it. Its the power company’s job to connect me. They gave the ‘order’ to DEI and DEI supposedly reported back that power was not reinstated due to some fault. DEI suposedly referred the job on to DEDDIE.

At some point shouldn’t Protergia have notified me that there was an issue and connection couldn’t be done? Shouldn’t THEY follow it up? Apparently not. Cause apparently all they’re responsible for is ‘supplying’ power and billing for it!!!! Not making sure we actually HAVE power! According to them we’ve had power since August 26!!! You’d have thought that the 000s on the counter would be some kind of indication that something was amiss…

And now the law has changed. Since 06/10/21 in fact. I no longer need ONE electrician’s certificate of compliance for my electricity board but TWO. ie I now have to pay twice. If I’d been connected on August 26 I’d have been able to get my ONE certificate and be done with it.

So where am I at now? Besides bald in spots from pulling out my hair and losing my voice from screaming at people? Well, the contractor has to make up a plan of all new outlets in the house and send it to the electrician in order for him to get us a ‘temporary’ certificate, then he has to come inspect the power board and meter to get us a ‘proper’ certificate within 30 days of applying for the temporary one. And somewhere in there I presume someone from somewhere on this planet will come and fix the bloody electricity meter

Sometime this century.

‘I need the letter to open the envelope.’

‘The letter is IN the envelope.

‘I can’t open the envelope without the letter.’


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