the kitchen is almost finished!

The apartment still looks like a building site, but things are coming together faster now.

The kitchen has all its cupboards in, all doors on, the rangehhood is in place, the sink, the gas hob, the dishwasher, the oven.

The other rooms in the house are finished…

All we need now is for the bathroom fixtures to be put in… and electricity and natural gas to be connected and we’re set.

The natural gas connection application has been approved so we await delivery of the gas meter… Given I’ve been waiting for the plumber (from said crew) to come for a whole week to replace a holey tank for the radiators to work upstairs I’m not too optimistic it will be done in any kind of rush… sigh.

As for the electricity, I’m waiting on that too. Yesterday the contractor was able to get ahold of the ‘temporary’ application papers and I couriered them to DEDDIE. They should have gotten them this morning. I’ll call tomorrow to check on progress there. Assuming anyone can actually tell me anything…

A spot to store bottles and other stuff alongside the fridge cubicle.
Pantry cupboard with lots of drawers inside.
Sink in!
Dishwasher in!

Tomorrow I return to Paros to catch up with stuff I have to do there, then back to a hopefully finished house, hopefully with gas and power connected, ready to clean and start moving in.


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