the bed saga

Today was a nice day. Not too cloudy, not too cold, not windy. I figured it was a good day to head on downstairs to put together the 2 Ikea items I’d bought: mom’s bed and the shoe storage cabinet.

Well, I got the bed put together. Not without casualties.

First thing I noticed when I opened the boxes was the instructions said it was a 2 person job. Still, I persisted on my own using the new ‘elevator clap thingies’ I got online and some bits of timber to hold up the ‘other end’ of the side bits.

I have no idea how long Ikea experts are meant to take to do this, but it took me about 3 hours. And things didn’t go so smoothly.

The casualty was the footboard. It was so hard attaching the side bits to the head and footboard I had to use brute force. By that I mean I used a hammer and some cardboard and pounded the crap out of it to bring the bits close enough to ‘screw’ together.

The cardboard was meant to protect the baseboard from the hammer. It didn’t work as effectively as I hoped…

By the time I was ‘this close’ to finishing I was so frustrated I hit quite a bit harder than was necessary and this is the result.

Mom’s pristine new bed isn’t as pristine as it was meant to be. I can hide the damage with a bit of filler and a bit of paint, but sheesh. I am so annoyed at myself.

Note to self (and other pounders): use a bit of wood, not cardboard to stop damage. Too late for me now. I’ll keep it in mind for next time. Then again, surely it wasn’t meant to be so hard to put the two pieces together…

Needless to say, I didn’t get to the drawers that fit under the bed, nor the shoe storage unit. Tomorrow is another day.


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