a bit more furniture moves downstairs

Things have been moving along slowly. I haven’t done a ton of stuff but I did some more packing, gave away another load of stuff and moved a couple of bits of furniture downstairs. Not on my own – they gypsy family I’ve ‘adopted’ helped. Basically there’s a young couple with 3 little children who I met when clearning out Aunt 1’s house. I have their number and call them when I have things to give away. Last time I called the guy came with his nephew, and since there were 2 guys, I asked them to move a few things down for me once they had loaded up the stuff I gave them.

If I was in Australia I’d have had a series of garage sales, but that’s not done in Greece. And selling stuff through Facebook is a pain in the butt. I did list a few things, but most aren’t worth the trouble. People in Greece don’t tend to buy second hand stuff. Its easier to give it away.

So now I have the chest of drawers, bedside tables and two cabinets mom wanted from the living room downstairs. I already have another stack of things on the staircase for them so next time they come I’ll get them to move a few more things for me…

The living room cabinets mom wanted me to take down, but refuses to let me paint them.
The bedroom furniture is old and very scuffed around the bottom, but taking it out and painting now is too much work! I’ll just try to clean it up as best I can.
The chest of drawers is especially heavy. These drawers all open from the side, not so easy, so I drilled holes in all drawers to add knobs. That’s a work in progress.

Among stuff upstairs I found more than 3 boxes of new glasses – including crystal tumblers – so I kept the best, washed them and put them in a kitchen cupboard. Mom may as well use her good stuff, why keep it stored away any more?

I put batteries in a wall clock I found which must have belonged to my brother. That’s now in the kitchen and I love it.

All in all its coming together. Now if we can get electricity and gas connected we’ll be on fire!

Seriously though, I’ve still got a ton of work ahead of me, both in sorting and moving and I’m not always in the mood to work. Despite my ‘got it under control’ and ‘I’m an expert at this’ crap, I do often feel overwhelmed – but its just a matter of getting started. Once I start I’m fine, I can go on and get a ton done.

That said, its time to get off my butt and and get to work on something!


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