knob rescue and general progress

Since I decided to add knobs to the bedsides tables and chest of drawers – 14 of them – I had to find something cheap. After looking all over the place I found some small wooden knobs for 1.50e for a pack of 4. Perfect price, not ideal in the looks department.

So I did what anyone with an ounce of creativity would do, I bought some spray paint and sprayed them.

Only one problem. Despite giving them tons of time to dry, once I flipped them over to cover the backs, I ended up getting some that stuck to the cardboard, leaving blobs on the top of the knob.

No worries. When the unexpected (mistake) happens, make it look like it was done on purpose.

I gave them all a dot of white paint and voila. Cute knobs instead of ooops knobs.

The other issue was the reddish brown stripe at the bottom of the drawers. Ick.

Out came the grey paint. This time I used a slightly lighter version of chalk paint I had on hand.

And now, despite minor chips and scuff marks which stubbornly won’t come off, we have cuter bedroom furniture for mom! (Ignore the throw over the bed, its to keep dust off the mattress.)

The mirror is currently undergoing its own makeover. Meanwhile today I found and bought the castor wheels I wanted to put under the bedside tables so that mom can easily move them out of the way when she wants to get into the underbed drawers. That’s on tomorrow’s to do list.

While out I finally got the shower curtain I loved first time I saw it and put it up today.

Another thing to tick off my list is the ivy. Its gone! I had a guy come over and remove it today. Don’t ask how much it cost. Let’s just say I should have done it myself. sigh. But its done now and there’s one less thing I have to worry about. He’ll be back tomorrow to remove the bars and wires.

And mom has a microwave downstairs. Its Aunt 1’s old microwave but it’ll do.

What I didn’t manage to do today was call the electricity company again. On tomorrow’s list:

continue sanding buffet
finish painting mirror
hassle electricity company

It never ends.


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