getting there

The carport has been cleared of the ivy jungle and the metal pipes holding it in place. Here is the before, and below is the after.

So much better, wouldn’t you agree? No more dirty car!

Of course, with every step forward there are new surprises… removing the ivy has exposed damage to the wall and under the front window – things the ivy and metal trellis was hiding. ugh. More expenses.

We are officially broke. From now on its all about making do and finding ways to do things without spending more money.

You know what? Its cost more to fix up the house than my aunt made having it rented to that one guy for 30 years. He never paid a realistic rent anyway, but he totally destroyed the apartment. I’ve had issues with tenants before, but now I understand why so many people in Greece would rather keep a place empty than put in tenants. You might not make money keeping it empty, but if you rent it you pay taxes on earnings and in the end it costs you everything you earned and more to fix it up after… what’s the point of renting it?

Sure, a good tenant will hopefully not destroy a house, and any house would need renovation after 30 years, but you get my point. It wouldn’t necessarily need to be totally gutted.

In an attempt to lift my spirits I did some dirt therapy. I weeded the tiny front garden, removed the knee high clover and weeds and cut the ancient rose bushes right back. Its a miracle they’re even still alive cause it looks like when washing out paint or plaster from buckets people were emptying them on the rose bushes! The only thing still ‘thriving’ in the garden is the white daisy bush dad planted over Timmy’s grave.

Since I can’t buy new plants to put in, I bought some foxglove seeds on ebay. Hopefully they will take, grow well and fill the garden with colour! From my experience they’re pretty low maintenance and self seed, so perpetual colour.

Mom’s back home since yesterday and she’s been cooking like there’s no tomorrow (so her darling daughter doesn’t starve!) and I’ve managed to get her to part with a few things. I keep dragging bags of clothes, linen etc into the kitchen and asking her to decide what goes where.

Today I began taking stuff downstairs and putting them in their place in mom’s new home. Sure, she probably wont be able to move in till late February at the earliest, but I can set up the place with everything I can till then… summer clothes, extra towels and sheets, a set of dishes, glasses, etc.

If the world was fair I’d be fit and thin by now!


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