it’s been a while


Yes, I know. I’m a bad blogger. I go missing without any warning at times. Regularly. Like the last few weeks. I’m sorry. Life just gets in the way sometimes.

Lots has been going on since I last posted. Here it is in no particular order:

We’ve got a mouse plague. The little buggers brazenly run across the living room floor while the dogs lie sleeping on the couch and I’m watching TV. I water the garden, a mouse runs out. I move a pot, a mouse runs out. I pick up a boot, a mouse runs out.

I like mice. They’re darn cute little critters. But I do not want them in my house! Or in my garden for that matter. They bring snakes!

Something has died under or inside the stove. I cleaned the stove. I moved it out, I checked under and behind it. Nothing. But the stench persists. I sure hope its a mouse. How long would a mouse stink for? Not as long as a rat!

I feel sick.

I had a stall at our local market again and spent more than I made. Eh. That’s ok. I have gifts for my family in Greece for when I visit.

I’ve paid for my ticket to Greece so now there’s no backing out. I’m so excited. This time round I’m stopping in Singapore for one night and having breakfast with the orangutangs on the way back!

I was having headaches and saw the dentist. I’ve cracked a tooth (thank you olive pit on a pizza slice!) and need a root canal done. You don’t even want to know what the bill for that will be! Let’s just say, if I hadn’t already paid for my trip to Greece I would be getting the tooth done instead. Not quite the same amount of fun as time on Paros. Now I’m just gonna have to scramble to pay for both.

Turns out my high school is having one of their famous island reunions on Syros this summer, and I’ll be in Greece at the time! On Paros, which is only a hop, skip and short ferry ride away! I went to the Naxos reunion 3 years ago and had the best time. I can’t wait. Plus I’ve always wanted to visit Syros. Here is my chance.

I caught up with Season 8 of The Walking Dead. OMG.

I’ve been watching Married at First Sight and annoying the hell out of Wayne.

I got 4 commissions for my repainted dolls: Helen of Troy, Katy Perry, Abby from NCIS and Amy Winehouse. I sold the first Amy and Abby I made.

Other than that, life’s been pretty normal. Working lots grooming, never totally finishing anything until the last possible minute if I have a deadline… otherwise things just kind of linger…. Like the bathroom. The corners are still not gap-filled. The cabinet is finished but not totally finished… And now I’ve decided I dislike the colour so I’ll be repainting it. Ain’t that the way? Well… It is if you’re me.

The garden is suffering. We’ve had some record hot days. Then cool days, wind and rain. Though not nearly enough rain. I need to weed and cut back plants. I still have plants in pots which I bought ages ago and still haven’t put in the ground.

I don’t do well in the heat. When its hot I sort of just melt and end up getting real sleepy. My hair has gotten long enough to make tiny pony tails again, so I’ve been looking like this:


Boo from Monsters Inc.

My cousin Zefi in Greece says I look like Pikachu… only not so cute.


I’ve been working on various projects, but as I mentioned above, things are all over the place. I do a bit of this, a bit of that, never quite finish anything, then flake out in the evenings.

I really need to get a grip on this scheduling thing. I really suck at it. Maybe I need a clone. Or two. Yeah. That would fix the problem!


junk4joy feature


Just a quickie today to share a link to a feature on the Etsy Made Local Hobart blog.

Click here to read the article.


Ok. I won’t just leave it at that. You know me, I can talk under water. Or type. Whatever.

So, what exciting things have I been doing? Well… my bathroom cabinet (made from a very old chippy window) is almost done. I just have to add shelves, hinges and paint it.

Then make sure it works, cause, after all, it was made by me…

I put the mirror up in the bathroom. I finished the door trim and window and door trims are now painted.

Not much more to do to call the bathroom finished.



I was told by a reader that they couldn’t leave a comment cause they were asked to sign in or something. That’s really wierd. I’ve just checked my settings and they are as I left them: anyone can comment, no requirement to log in anywhere.

Very strange.

I’m confused.


This is becoming a permanent state of being.

Let me know if you find any other issues and I’ll try to fix them. Don’t hold your breath though.



my last blogger post

I decided to bite the bullet. This will be the last post I do on Blogger. I’m not going to delete the blog, just begin putting new posts on my WordPress site.

It has to happen sometime… I may as well jump in.

I haven’t finished tweaking my WP site but I figure I’ll learn as I go. And you’ll forgive me if things stuff up… right?

Up till now I only blogged for fun. Now, while I’m still blogging for fun, I’m also trying to get more exposure for some of the things I do – like the doll repaints I’m selling in my Etsy shop. Its a whole big world out there and I’m really lost in it. There is just so much out there and I don’t know where to start or where to go!

I’ve been on ebay the longest, I think that was the first thing I did when I got online: buy stuff on ebay! I love ebay!

Then I built a website for my art, then for my poodles, then morphed that into a hub leading to all my web pages and ‘stuff’…

I’m on Facebook of course. I resisted for ages and then one day my cousin Zefi asked me to join cause she was tired of people contacting her thinking she was me. I use it all the time now, both to keep in touch with friends, to share stuff, buy stuff and keep in touch with the local community and hobby groups I belong to.

I’m on Pinterest. That was easy… I love the way it acts as a kind of library for ideas as well as a source for research. A great place to find inspiration.

I opened a CafePress shop and sold quite a few of my poodle design Tshirts. I don’t do much with the shop any more, but I still sell stuff through there which is nice.

Then I opened an Etsy shop which I did nothing with for years…

I joined Instagram last week. It seemed the right thing to do. I’m still trying to figure it out..

I started trying to setting up my Google+ page or whatever that’s called. I’m no where close to figuring out how that works or what its for… sharing pics like Instagram? Sharing posts like a blog?

If none of those links work… well, welcome to my world. And to think I’m not completely ignorant when it comes to computers. Sheesh…

I’m not on Twitter. Yet. Or SnapChat. Or whatever newfangled app is out there now.

I’m so confused. I mean, how on earth do you keep track of (or tame!) all these pages????

I can barely keep up with what I have and I always thought I had a pretty big online presence.


I’d love some advice from other bloggers on how you keep track of, stay on top of and organise all those different pages, apps and profiles online! I realise that its part of ‘the job’ of being a blogger and seller, but I find that I start doing a bit of online work and three hours later I’m still here, still going…

Anyway… I’m going to jump right in, with both feet. I’m not even going to hold my nose. Oh, ok, I’ll probably hold my nose… I guess not deleting my Blogger blog (ie this one!) is a way of holding on to some kind of security while I plunge into the great unknown…

From now on my new blog address will be;

My next posts will be shared from there.

Please by patient when blips happen, as they’re bound to do. I’m not sure how to make sure it all runs smoothly. I think anyone who used to follow my blog will have to ‘re-follow’ the WP blog. I’m not entirely happy with the layout and widgets of the new blog yet so there may be (most likely will be) changes made to the live blog. Just grin and bear it.


moving. sort of.


I decided it was time (after over 7 years of blogging) to move to a more professional platform. WordPress.

Great idea. In theory.

I’ve also joined Instagram in my bid to be more professional.

Mind you, I don’t consider myself a professional blogger, I blog cause I’m a show off who likes to brag about all the wonderful things I make and do. Ok, fine. I love to share and hopefully inspire others to have a go. I’m not kidding myself that I change lives or speak great wisdoms. Let’s face it.

I just love sharing things I do and seeing what others do. It motivates me to surround myself with creative people.

So, I decided it was time to take the leap. I bought a domain name. I joined WordPress. I paid to create a blog. Then I found I have to also pay to point it to my domain. Ok fair enough… Tick that. I had to set it up manually. Tick that too. Its not working yet, but hopefully I’ve done it all right…

If it works I’ll migrate the site over to there later.

Now if I can find my brain I can get to work again.

How on earth do I move the entire blog over? CAN I move the entire blog over? Is it even possible to do that or do I lose all my past posts like I did when Shine went offline and I had to start over on Blogger?

I’m so confused.