little paper suitcase

This is just a quick and easy little project I thought I’d share for the fun of it.

I’ve got photos waiting to be downloaded off the camera but was too busy (sore and tired) to tackle it yesterday so you’ll have to make do with this pititful little project for now.

I’ve made little suitcases before, I even made one out of felt last year but unfortunately I don’t think I have a photo of it. This one is made out of a ready meal box. You know the kind: Put the contents of satchel 1 into the container provided. Pour the the contents of satchel 2 over the top. Heat for 2 minutes.

Healthy stuff.

We have a lady at work who loves anything to do with going away on a trip. So I made this little suitcase for her as part of a project I have going where she can decorate her entire bedroom ceiling with ‘mobiles’ of trip related items (planes, suitcases, caravans, etc).

You can see the ‘tear here’ strip on the side. Since its going to be up high I didn’t worry too much about making it perfect, I just wanted it to look like a real suitcase.

First I glued it shut, then sprayed it with flat white paint. I found some old vinyl in our fabric box and cut the strips I needed for the handle and strap.

The corners, buckle and handle ends were made of plain cardboard. Ordinarily I’d paint those gold or silver but decided I liked them in their natural colour this time.

Cute don’t you think?

Not that there’s much use for little cardboard suitcase in every day life… Unless of course you made it so it opens and you can keep small things in it, like USB sticks, paper clips, jewelry….

Unless you do this with a shoe box that offers actual storage:

Sorry, no link for that one. But the ones below are way easier and do have links.

How cute are they? I’ve always meant to make some of those boxes for around the place…

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eat more fish!

My brother is in the fish business.
In fact, most of our family is in the fish business. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that my grandfather was a fisherman or that we’re greek and sea water runs through our veins, or anything like that. 
Its pure coincidence.
However, fish is what our family does. I can’t tell you how many years I spent my holidays working in the family fish processing plant – packing fish, pulling apart squid, stinking of fish…
My brother has a fish shop and seafood distribution business in the ACT, my cousins work in fish or, if they don’t work in fish all the time, they fill in when they’re needed just to keep the tradition going.
We’re a pretty smelly bunch.
But I digress.
I wanted to share with you this little present I made for my brother’s shop. 

Get it?

Its a lamb… and its saying we should eat more fish.

Ok, yeah. You get it.

Pretty appropriate with Australia Day coming up, when everyone needs to eat lamb or be labelled un-australian!

I actually had the little sheep. I made him a long time ago and had him sitting on a shelf in the living room.

And the idea isn’t mine. I have to confess I saw it somewhere and thought I’d use it… I mean, hey! I had the sheep, I have a brother in the fish business… can you blame me?

All I had to do was make a sign, a post and twist one of the little sheep’s legs to hold it.


Cute, topical and relevant.
A thoughtful gift if you ask me!

tea bag village – a recycled work project

How do you decorate your home for Christmas? I like to do things a little differently. Not the usual kind of stuff in other words. Well… except for candy canes. I love them cause I eat them when they’ve done their decorative dash. This year I used them to bulk up my pitiful collection of Christmas cards. I love email but I mourn the loss of cards at this time of the year. (I never send them myself either!)

You’ve already seen my Christmas tree this year…

So it’ll come as no surprise that I used a recycled tea bag and papier mache project as part of my Christmas decor.

This is a project I worked on at work with one of our participants. I made up little houses out of milk cartons and other small cardboard boxes and he papier mached them in plain white paper.

Once the white paper had dried we covered them with tea bags! I’ve been collecting tea bags for a long time and for this project I soaked them, split them and thew out the tea leaves, then dried them flat. The colours are just amazing.

I did try writing on them but didn’t like it. They’re all plain tea bags now.

Below you can see I used them on each side of the new TV unit and on top of the wood heater.

On the wood heater I wound some fairy lights around them and light them up in the evenings. They look beautiful.

They’ll be going back to work after Christmas to be exhibited next time we have an art show. I just needed to get some nice photos of them and hey, while they were here… I might as well put them to use!


meet mr fox – in felt

Hello Mr Fox!

Here is Mr Fox going for a drive. And below he sits on our gate post as the horses do a good job of mowing our driveway.

He’s such a happy little fellow. Mainly cause I gave him a little grin when I needle felted him.

My what big ears you have Mr Fox!

Here I was ridiculing the Fox Eradication Program… They spent millions of dollars to eradicate every single fox in the state. 
Well, it worked! I’ve never seen a fox, have you?
Oh! Wait! There’s one!

Perhaps they were right… there were ARE foxes in Tasmania!


zip junk necklace


Have you ever looked at junk or steampunk jewelry and thought “I want to make one of those”?

I do every time I see them on Pinterest, so I decided it was time to try making one of my own… my own way.

It was so much fun! I’ve always had tons of junk (obviously!) so I had a lot of things to choose from.

I started with an old zip as the base. Then I began building on it using old bits of jewelry, buttons, beads, a tiny spanner, rusty safety pin, bits of chain… even a rusted through bottle top… all kinds of things.

(I really am a magpie!)

Its not just a necklace, its a piece of art! I had it entered in the Salvaged Art Competition last month but before that I had it hanging on the wall and it looked great.


a wire teapot

What do you get someone who has everything?

A proper sized teapot made of wire of course!

This little beauty is made of a combination of galvanised and copper wires. 

I had planned to enter this in a competition but changed my mind. Its now for sale at the Handmade Emporium in New Norfolk along with other items I’ve made.


more wire work and plans

Sharing more pretty wire stuff.

Just cause I can.

And mainly cause right now its about the only thing I have which is both finished and photographed.

Last weekend I’d planned to clean up the office (again) and bring in the new/old wardrobe I want to use in there for storage.

The office hardly gets used any more. Not since I got a laptop and got rid of the ol’ coal burner (my old desktop) and since winter set in.
See, the office is the furthest room from the wood heater. Its darn cold in there in winter. When I had the desktop in there and I had to use it every day, I kept the door opened all the time and had a small bar heater under the desk for my feet. Even then my fingers would often freeze.

I’ve decided I should swap the guest room and office. The guest room is a dull room right now. Its got a beigey brown carpet, taupe walls, a small window, the bed and tons of stuff I have to move out whenever we have visitors.
The office on the other hand is pretty. I removed the salmon carpet, did up the floorboards to match the kitchen and hallway, painted it white so its bright and cheerful, and it has a huge window which lets in the morning sun.

I’m thinking about putting the bed under the shelves and opposite the large antique map. The office is a long narrow room, meaning there’ll be just enough room on either side of the bed for a bedside table, but the end of the room will be spacious enough to allow for the small cupboard I use as a linen cupboard. The map will make a great view from the bed and the shelves will look interesting around the bedhead.

The guest room is a square room with lots of wall space since it has such a small window. The carpet keeps it warmer in winter, and since its not salmon it can stay a while. Being closer to the wood heater means less chance of freezing fingers, plus its closer to the wifi modem. I want to move the printer, the printer/scanner, and the odd office bits out of the living room and into the new office.

Its bad enough Wayne has an office in here and I work in here, we don’t need all the office stuff in here too.

So, last weekend I planned to clean up the office and bring up the new/old wardrobe to hold craft supplies as I mentioned. Then I thought, why move it up if I’m going to swap rooms? Makes no sense to move it twice, right?

I can’t swap rooms till I get rid of Wayne for a weekend, though. He doesn’t handle the mess of moving furniture well, and the swap would need the entire contents of the office and guest room being moved into the living room. A great time to do some really good cleaning, sorting and organising. I’ll paint the guest room white to make it less depressing before moving all the office stuff into it, and I can have fun decorating the new guest room.

All of which will take way more than one weekend to do!


Meanwhile, today I wiped myself out. I’d done some grooming, had a late breakfast, then knuckled down to work. It was sunny so I pooper-scooped and tried weeding. The weeds won. There are just too many of them. Next time the weather is good enough I’m spraying the suckers.

I took apart our Whirlpool washing machine (I watched a Youtube video, how would you do it?) to try to sort out the annoying lint problem. Of course what I found in our washing machine wasn’t exactly like I saw on Youtube, but heck, it still works and the lint problem can’t be worse than it was! And it still works. That’s gotta be a win.

I made a drawer for the sidetable/box on castors I’ve been working on. I started on a cut down chair which will be a bedside table for the new guest room. I was busy sanding the chair when I was suddenly hit by a wave of exhaustion. I could barely walk to the house and it took all I had to shower and wash my hair.

Maybe it was low blood sugar. I totally ran out of fuel.

Tomorrow is another day. Remind me to eat lunch.


fairy bed

I just love these little wire beds. I love making them and I love looking at them.

How pretty is this?

Ok, so it might have no real use, unless you have a dollhouse or a visiting fairy, but its so delicate and fine and… just… well, pretty!

This is the second wire bed I’ve made and its a bit fancier than the first one. It has a mattress made from a tea dyed napkin – it was stained and in the throw out pile so I decided to use the best bits.

It also has a little ‘crochet’ cushion, made from a piece of doily.

I actually made this little bed a couple of months ago but didn’t have my ‘light box’ in the office where I could use it easily.

Plus, to make matters worse, I tried to change the pendant light in the office to test a new one, and ended up stuffing up the light fixture. I now have no light in the office.

I think I need an electrician.

In the end I rigged up two floor lamps, a desk lamp, a box and a white sheet and got some pics.

One of these days I might actually have a proper set up for taking photos of things. I just need good lighting like the kind I use when making films…

Anyway, I got pretty decent pics of the bed so I’m happy.


wire work

Its been a while since I posted, and this post was something I started before I pulled my disappearing act. So, without further ado, here are some cute little cups I made to hang in my kitchen to add a bit of whimsy.

They’ve been sitting on the window ledge since I made them but when I finally get them hung up I’ll share some pics.
Meanwhile I apologise for the silence. Things have been… odd. I’ve been really tired lately. To the point of coming home and just plonking in front of the TV and fighting sleep till I can justify going to bed.
Maybe its just winter and the darkness. I dunno. 
Thing is I haven’t felt like posting, or doing much of anything else. My mom would freak if she saw our house right now.
…Actually she might not freak out. She may feel vindicated. She never thought I was a good housekeeper.
I’m of the ‘no one ever regretted not doing more housework on their deathbed’ school.
I try to keep things organised and I hate filth, but messy I can live with. Obviously.
Still, I hate the mess (it messes with my mind, ha ha) even while I avoid doing anything about it. When I have time and feel a stirring of energy I prefer to use it to make something or work in the workshop. Cleaning is so boring.
Anyway, I thought it was time to touch base to say I’m still breathing and that one day soon I’ll have some photos and stuff to share. However, it will get harder for a while cause I’ll be working 5 days a week at my ‘regular’ job, fitting in everything else in the two remaining days… Hurry up longer days!

more fun with wire – the little wire bed

I am having so much fun lately!

I’ve been Pinteresting like crazy, looking up all kinds of wire creations. This one here has been one of my favourites for a long time:

Really beautiful wire art on that blog.
Anyway, I decided it was time to make my own wire bed… I used some of Wayne’s copper wire. One meter of it to be exact. When he asked how much I wanted that’s what I requested and I was spot on.
Go figure. I measure and cut wood the wrong size. I can’t give you a quote on how much time it’ll take me to do a job, but I could tell Wayne exactly how much wire I needed to make something I’d never made before!
The thinner wire is also copper, but in a thinner gauge and brown. The little mattress is a thin bit of foam with a hand stitched cover. The cushion is hand stitched and filled with felting wool.

The blanket is a bit of felt I wet felted with a cotton cover to give it a quilted feel, and trimmed with a little antique lace.

This little bed was sold as soon as I showed it at the local shop I sell some of my things through. Its the perfect size for a doll’s house. Maybe its cause I’ve always loved doll’s houses and dreamed that one day I’d build my very own dream doll’s house from the ground up, but I love making this sort of thing.
I have another bed I’ll share soon as I make bedding for it.