it will be over soon…


Yep. That’s me. Passed out on the floor next to the bed.

Or more like curled up in a fetal position in the middle of the kitchen (where most of the chaos remains).

I’ve found a way to keep track of things and its kinda working, even if the main thing it achieves is to make me feel like I have some kind of plan.

I got out 3 sheets of packing paper, taped them to the living room wall and wrote the days of the week remaining on them and what is meant to happen on those days. That way I can look at one glance and see when something is being picked up. Or what I have to do that day.


In theory.

The problem is there is still a mess around here and its doing my head in. I look at all the small things piled on the table, on the floor, in boxes that ‘need sorting’ and my brain freezes.

Thank goodness for my friends who turned up here this morning and walked over the place and got everthing that needed to go into the skip for me. Now the skip is almost full but that still has enough space to put in the last minute rubbish I’ll be adding to it as I go through those boxes that ‘need sorting’.

I think the worst of it is the piles of stuff. Or the need for piles. Or designated areas:

This needs to be picked up by xxx.
This needs to be taken to Melbourne
This needs to be packed for Greece by me
This needs to be packed by the removalists
This belongs to Wayne, he needs to pick it up
This needs to be picked up by xxx

…and it goes on and on.

Sometimes I feel like all I ever do is move a box from this room to that room, then to the porch, then back.

It will end soon. I have to keep reminding myself. Less than a week to go… it will be over soon.


i need a break


I have been so busy lately that I really don’t know whether I’m coming or going. I have so much on my mind that I often forget what I’m doing.

Ok, that’s not necessarily a new thing… I have those tendencies anyway, but lately its like I put one thing in my brain and another two items fall out the other end. There’s only so much stuff a brain can hold!

So, what’s been happening since we last spoke?

Well… we had 3 garage sale weekends. They went great, good and not so great respectively. Still, we did sell a heap of stuff. The problem was we had SO MUCH stuff that we still had tons left after 3 weekends of sales.

That’s when Plan B kicked in: friends who have shops and do markets have been picking up stuff to sell for me on commission.

And Plan C: giving stuff away to anyone who wants it.

Right now I’m in that place where there are still things to be picked up but timing is of the essence here.

For instance… do I really want the washing machine and fridge to go till at least 3 days before I have to go?

What about the bed?

The couch is going tomorrow as are the kitchen table and chairs… but I’m holding onto some non-matching chairs and my blow mould table so I have something to use in the kitchen and something to sit on other than an air mattress on the floor!

So… between now and Monday I have to sort, pack and see things off the property.

Monday my stuff gets picked up for the long trip to Greece.

Pre-settlement inspection is on Wednesday so I want the house and yard looking as empty and neat and tidy as possible.

On Friday me and the dogs are on the ferry to Melbourne where I expect to sleep a LOT before starting the next adventure (stressful episode) of finding my dogs a new home…

Only then will I be able to book my ticket to Greece.

Stay tuned for more chaotic news from my chaotic life.

It will get better.

One day.




It had to happen.

I mean, how can something like a huge move to Greece go without a hitch?

I’ve been packing and moving boxes and furniture for weeks and NOW my back gives out.

Now. A couple of days before the last ever garage sale. The day I’d planned to take all the bits still in the house down to the casita for the garage sale. The day I planned to move everything from the porch so that tomorrow we can put all the furniture out there for the garage sale.

Perfect timing.

I’m really hoping that its better by tomorrow if I’m really good and take it easy today.

Yeah. Cause I’m all about taking it easy.



Well… a good night’s sleep maybe…

Let’s hope for the best.


oh boy!


Yes. Its hectic around here. People coming and going all day long… Piles of stuff to move to the casita for the garage sale…

I have notes on top of notes cause there’s so much happening I can’t remember it all. Lists of things for sale online, lists of things people have bought but yet to pick up, stacks of stuff to go with me to Melbourne, stacks of stuff to still pack for Greece…

My brain can only cope with so much… You know how it is… you put too much IN something has to go OUT to make room.

What’s my name again?

Luckily among the last things to be picked up are my bed, the kitchen table and chairs, the fridge and washing machine and the couch. My desk is gone. I’m now working on the laptop on the coffee table while sitting on the couch that no longer belongs to me.

Time is moving fast. Two more weeks. Then I’m outa here.

Better book a ticket for the ferry for me, the dogs and the car.

Better make a list of things I need to do before I go.

Better get back to packing.

I need a drink…


ups, downs and boxes


I’m so tired.

I begin my days early… I get up around 7am but I’m usually awake by 6. That’s when I actually sleep.

At this rate I may not need to buy another suitcase to travel with… the bags under my eyes should be big enough!

I have a coffee and something to eat and then I start working on something. The secret seems to be to just start something. Anything. Once you start its easier to keep going.

So I keep going. For some hours. Then I suddenly wind down, tired.

If I make the mistake of sitting down, having a cup of coffee… and I look around at all that still needs doing and suddenly I’m overwhelmed and paralysed again.

Sometimes I remember to have lunch. Most of the time I just eat a late lunch/early dinner. Then I usually watch TV to stop my brain a while.

We’ve had two garage sales so far. You never realise how much stuff you have till you try to put it all in one area and display it for sale. Getting ready for a garage sale of this scale is like nothing I’ve ever done before.

Last week I cleaned out the casita (that’s the original house on the property which is now a shed). That meant clearing out the storage room, the laundry room, the workshop room, the horse feed room. Then bringing in tables and other surfaces to put things out on.

It never seems to end.

It will end. I know it will. Its all that keeps me going. When I get to Melbourne I plan to sleep for about 3 days straight… getting up to eat occasionally and living in my pjs.

Meanwhile, what have I managed to do? Well, sell about half or 3/4 of my stuff. Still tons to go of course. This weekend will be the last garage sale. After that I’m concentrating on the final packing and cleaning up the property.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel…

So. Keep me in your thoughts and send positive vibes I get through this without too much damage or loss of days from the end of my life. I was planning on those days and want to keep them.