The new girl on the block

Our family is growing.
On Monday morning a new girl arrived at Wind Dancer Farm!
She’s a 2 year old warmblood x anglo arab filly. She came with the name Dash but we’ve named her Dancer in honour of Darby, Wayne’s heart horse. Hopefully she will win Wayne’s heart in the same way Darby did.
Dancer has had a lot of bad luck in her short life. Her previous owner (Miss Nice) bought her from someone as a yearling. She was neglected and thin. Miss Nice loved her and cared for her, planning to train her as a jumper, but circumstances changed and she decided to sell her to someone who would give her love and training she’d need to reach her full potential. A friend of hers from work wanted to buy Dancer so she went there to live. Money didn’t change hands at the time, but 6 months later when Miss Nice asked for payment, the friend said she’d changed her mind. She didn’t want her any more.
Meanwhile Dancer had been neglected. Again. She had lice, she’d lost condition, she was spooked by children jumping at her, making her shy and nervous. It was heartbreaking to Miss Nice and to us. We went to see her anyway as Wayne was taken by the idea of her. He’d always said he wasn’t interested in bringing along a new horse, but for the right one he’d consider it. I think Dancer is the right one.
When we went to see Dancer, Wayne worked with her a bit and I could see her respond to him. In my gut I believed we should have her. I think Wayne felt the same but wanted my support to commit to such a big, long term project.
Dancer is gorgeous. She’s only small at the moment, more like a yearling than a 2yr old. She travelled well and arrived with a minimum of stress. She’s currently in a small (very green) paddock and a small yard. She and the boys are spending all their time looking at each other over the fence.
Speaking of the boys… grrr. Yesterday afternoon Wayne went out to work Ben. I was at work till late. Well, he called the boys over, they came about halfway then turned around and went back to where they could see Dancer.
Come feeding time they ignored Wayne again. No dinner last night.
No breakfast this morning.
Its not like they’ll starve. I think our paddocks could feed a herd of buffalo for a year right now. But its the principle of the thing! We need the boys to pay attention to US, not just moon over Dancer. Ben is still in training and he needs to be worked. We cant have him slacking off like this!
I’m glad we’ve got Dancer. I feel she home now, we’ll love her and care for her and give her stability and discipline and teach her to be a companion, friend and good horse.
But I also wonder at why we can’t leave well enough alone. Wally and Ben were going well, coming when called, doing their work… I was bonding with Ben, teaching him what I would and wouldn’t put up with. Things were starting to fall into place. Routines were set.
Then we go and introduce a new horse. Another horse to work, another one to care for. Are we insane? Do we really need MORE to do?

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