house progress

Most things are moving along well in the house. All windows and doors are in, the wardrobes are finished, the kitchen is coming together nicely.

Now if we could get power connected we’d be fine. See below for pics and further below for a rant.

We have a window in the main bedroom finally. And all flyscreens are in.
The wardrobe in the main bedroom.
The wardrobe in the tiny bedroom.
A small cupboard in the tiny bedroom.
The kitchen taking shape.
The oven is in!

As I said, things are coming together. The dishwasher and oven which I ordered online on Monday have arrived from Thessaloniki in northern Greece, but the power which was supposedly connected on August 26 by a ‘local’ company has still not arrived.

Its a sad sad and oft-repeated story for Greece where no one seems to communicate with anyone else, even within the same organisation let alone across different ones.

Remember the envelope saga? (You can read that here…)

It all started a long long time ago, in a land right here… An innocent little girl who’d spent her whole life in a country far far away where things seemed to make sense, moved to a country where they didn’t.

Back on August 3 I called Protergia, the power company which mom and aunt 1 have been customers of for years. I requested they reconnect power to the apartment which had been vacated by the loser tenant. I have a copy of the application/contract.

Work on the house began in September. We had no power so I called to ask how the application was going. I was told that there was an issue with the electricity meter, something about a fire, that the man from the national electricity authority (DEI) had come, seen the meter, couldn’t connect power, and left. He had supposdely referred the matter to DEDDIE – the DEI maintenance section or whatever they are. The ones that fix things basically. I was to wait, it would be fixed.

Meanwhile we ran a LONG extension cord from upstairs so that the crew could work.

In October I began calling again to see if anything had been done cause we still had no power.

I got my first bill. For electricity I didn’t have. 58 euros worth of it.

I started a game of telephone ping pong. I’d call Protergia to complain that I still had no power, they would refer me to DEDDIE to register a fault. DEDDIE would refer me back to Protergia. I’ve spent countless hours on hold with one company or the other only to be referred back to ‘the other guy’ cause ‘its not our responsibility’.

Meanwhile in all the calls I’ve made I got about 53 different stories as to what the problem was and what I needed to do. Not a single person agreed on anything. Apparently there was a fire in the meter box, a cut cable, a burnt cable, a new cable was put in without permission or the meter is locked. Which is is. Sealed. By who? When? I don’t know. I presume by the first guy who came to check it out. I even had a guy from DEDDIE come out yesterday who said the meter box has been sealed, yeah, we get that, but was so confusing in his explanation of what to do about it – something about paying money for something… I don’t bloody know – even the contractor didn’t understand.

Today I got another bill for electricity I don’t have. 140 euros worth.

This morning I had a marathon calling session, sent emails, filled in online forms, yelled at people, told the power company to take their contract and shove it and am still pretty much nowhere.

This is how I see it: I chose to go with a power provider which was known to us, and we’ve been customers of for years. I made a simple request to have power connected to a house that used to have power before the tenant moved out and disconnected it. Its the power company’s job to connect me. They gave the ‘order’ to DEI and DEI supposedly reported back that power was not reinstated due to some fault. DEI suposedly referred the job on to DEDDIE.

At some point shouldn’t Protergia have notified me that there was an issue and connection couldn’t be done? Shouldn’t THEY follow it up? Apparently not. Cause apparently all they’re responsible for is ‘supplying’ power and billing for it!!!! Not making sure we actually HAVE power! According to them we’ve had power since August 26!!! You’d have thought that the 000s on the counter would be some kind of indication that something was amiss…

And now the law has changed. Since 06/10/21 in fact. I no longer need ONE electrician’s certificate of compliance for my electricity board but TWO. ie I now have to pay twice. If I’d been connected on August 26 I’d have been able to get my ONE certificate and be done with it.

So where am I at now? Besides bald in spots from pulling out my hair and losing my voice from screaming at people? Well, the contractor has to make up a plan of all new outlets in the house and send it to the electrician in order for him to get us a ‘temporary’ certificate, then he has to come inspect the power board and meter to get us a ‘proper’ certificate within 30 days of applying for the temporary one. And somewhere in there I presume someone from somewhere on this planet will come and fix the bloody electricity meter

Sometime this century.

‘I need the letter to open the envelope.’

‘The letter is IN the envelope.

‘I can’t open the envelope without the letter.’



In Athens the apartment is moving along nicely. Not without the unavoidable delays of course… I’d given an optimistic/unrealistic deadline of end of October, but theoretically, all going well it will be ready by the end of November. Not too bad really.

I say theoretically cause I applied to connect electricity on August 3rd via mom’s (and aunt 1’s) usual provider and I’m still waiting. I’ve been bounced around from provider to the greek electrical authority for weeks now, no one can give me a definitive answer of when we will have power. Apparently they sent someone out to connect power in August, found there was a problem with the electricity meter – so the guy left and no one informed me, and as far as I know nothing further was done!

Now, I know I keep comparing Greece to Australia and it’s proably not fair, but I presumed that when you ask to have your electricity connected with a certain provider, they do all the running around to make sure its done… ha.

Here we are, the entire renovation till now has been done with a LOOONG extension cord. And the nerve:

We’ve already got our first bill!!!!

I wonder how long it will be for the landline to get moved downstairs once we’re ready to do that…

Meanwhile, here are a few pics of the house as it is now.

The living room is storage for all the wardrobe bits.
The huge wardrobe in the tiny bedroom.
Kitchen cabinets will be put in today once the wardrobes are finished.
A couple of cabinets in position.
The colour of the kitchen cabinets on the left.
The wardrobe in the main bedroom is coming together.
The bathroom is still an empty shell.

All in all I’m thrilled with how its coming along. The wardrobes will be finished today.

HOPEFULLY the plumber will be here this morning to put through the natural gas pipe BEFORE the kitchen cabinets need to go in. He was meant to come yesterday…

HOPEFULLY the electricity will be connected this week (dare I hope they come today or tomorrow? don’t hold your breath)

The gas cooktop I ordered should be delivered tomorrow. Long story – there was a mix up and they delivered it to Paros so mom has sent it back… my mix up. Oops. The benchtop can be cut once we have that. We already have the sink.

I should get a call today regarding delivery of the oven and dishwasher I ordered. Ideally they’ll be delivered while I’m still here… otherwise a neighbour who is almost always home has offered to accept delivery.

So basically, its moving along nicely. More or less. Then the big job of moving mom downstairs will start…


house reno update

The house is progressing. I’m off to Athens next week to have a look at where we’re at, organise some stuff, run around like an idiot as usual.

…I’m having a little trouble with a few things. The electricity connection mostly. But I won’t bore you with that right now… its a whole post in itself…

Yes, there is light in the photo above, but its only a jerry-rigged connection to show me how the lights look. Pretty cool. Not entirely me (who likes shabby, vintage and rustic) but a nice clean modern look.

So, enjoy some photos of a house which looks entirely different to the disgusting place I took possession of after kicking out the deadbeat tenant. If you want to remember that mess, click here.

The balcony door is in place in the new kitchen. The little balcony is being tiled with the same tiles as inside.
TIles on the bathroom walls and a new smaller window.
New back door and window in the small room that used to be the kitchen. Where the window is now used to be glass bricks to let in light. Now we can get air in as well!
The window in the main bedroom isn’t in yet cause the window guys broke it… We await a replacement…
I’ve gone with the same floor tiles throughout the house.
Spots embedded in the lowered ceiling.
All new doors and frames. I didn’t pick the doors… hm… I’d have gone with all white.
There will be a new door on the storage space above the bathroom. That’s where the hot water cylinder normally sits but we no longer need one in there as we are connecting to natural gas.

I’ve already ordered mom’s bed (Ikea), one with drawers underneath, the single bed for the small room and mattresses. I’ve ordered and bought most of the appliances needed and all bathroom fixtures. The kitchen cupboards and wardrobes will be ready later this week I believe.

When I get there on Monday I think all that will need doing is making sure all is under control and buying anything I haven’t yet bought – eg. oven and dishwasher.

And…. providing we actually have electricity and a window – I will be able to start cleaning and moving stuff downstairs for mom!

Other than that I’ve been pretty flat out with a ton of stuff which needs it own post.



reno 2 update

I’ve been back in Athens for almost a week now and I’ve been organising things for the apartment downstairs. I did post about getting rid of the deadbeat tenant and the condition of the place after he left it. That post is here.

So for the last week I’ve been talking to the guy doing the reno work, choosing tiles for the floor throughout and the bathroom walls, picking a vanity and rearranging the kitchen and bathroom layouts to make it all better and compromising where things didn’t need to be as complicated or expensive.

I’m pretty happy with how things are going and feel confident with the guy I gave the job to. I’ll do one more run through today before I leave for Paros to make sure I didn’t forget anything or want any more power points. Cause you can never have too many power points but too few is definitely a thing!

Here are some pics of the progress so far: most demo has been done, old wardrobes and kitchen ripped out, electrical cables in place.

The balcony door from the new kitchen.
The cute balcony which opens up to the small garden – the main reason I loved the kitchen to the front of the house.
The wardrobe recess which I am including in the kitchen to take advantage of a bit of extra space.
The living room.
The main bedroom.
My floor tile choices – I’m going with the bigger/lighter floor tile throughout and the matt white wall tiles in the bathroom.
This is the vanity/sink I like. I like the green but it will be rather limiting in accessory colours.
My first choice is the dark grey. Very classy. I think white would be too stark with the pale grey tiles and the white walls.

I can order things like taps and shower heads online, maybe even the cooktop, oven and rangehood. But I may be back in Athens to choose those in person, who knows? I have no idea from week to week how things will pan out. I think that’s the major stress everyone has in these COVID times.

Posting on the tablet is a pain in the butt, the app is slow to repond and drives me crazy. I’m going to publish this now so forgive any typos as I’m not wasting time trying to read and correct stuff!


still in athens

Current layout.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel though.

Sort of.

At least I’m going home on Friday – even though I’ll have to come back again soon I’m sure. There’s so much to organise for the renovation in the house.

I’m so confused right now. I have meetings with tradespeople every day and I mix them up, who does what. I’m making notes, but sheesh. So much to do, so much to decide, so much to pull together.

The house basically needs all new electricals, new plumbing, connecting to natural gas which is now right outside the door, all new bathroom, all new kitchen, new floors, new windows, new front and back security doors, new wardrobes, painting throughout inside and out…

Tons to be done. Even if all I did was update the spaces as they are now…

That’s not counting if I want to make a couple of changes to the layout of the place to make it more current and more practical. You gotta remember this house was built in the late 50s when they made tiny rooms, as many as they could fit. That means unnecessary hallways, too many doorways and cramped spaces.

I figure this house will be renovated now and it shouldn’t need the layout changed ever again. So take the time, spend the extra bit of money on it now in order that its not just a great place for mom to live now, but also for me or my brother or a tenant in the future. To do that I need to consider a bigger brighter more inviting kitchen space, a bigger main bedroom and hopefully bathroom and an open plan look for the kitchen/living/dining.

That will mean removing a couple non-load bearing walls of course. But now is the time to do those things. Not spend money now to reno the place only to redo it in a few years.

Sure, you do need to update kitchens and bathrooms every so many years but if I get the main shape of the house right now, the changes in the future will be aesthetic only – new cabinets or benchtops for the kitchen, new accessories or tiles in the bathroom.


It depends on costs of course. It always comes down to costs.

Signing off with a load on my mind and shoulders.


athens. again.

Just a couple of switches on the wall…

Nope. This is not a ghetto in India. Its our old apartment in Athens, now belonging to my Aunt 1, which she had rented to the grot of the century.

I got the keys to place back today after trying to get the tenant out for almost a full year. Firstly I let him know we wanted the apartment for mom so she didn’t have to go up and down stairs. He basically said he’d been there 29 years and had no plans on leaving. Ever.

He hadn’t paid my aunt rent for 5 months so I chased him for it. Then I took advantage of the fact that he was always late with the rent, waited till he owed us another 5 months and went to court where they ruled in our favour and we got eviction papers.

I mean, the guy is an idiot. He knew I wanted to get rid of him, why didn’t he jump over backwards to make sure never to give me a chance to kick him out and pay rent in advance?

Not only did he not pay rent before the court order, he didn’t pay after either. But I’m a decent person. I gave him extra time to find a place (till after Christmas, way more time than was required by law) and said he could keep the back rent to put towards moving.

Then we went into lockdown.

And I knew he knew I couldn’t kick him out. So I gave him a bit more time. And then more time. But in the end I was sick of it. He whined and complained constantly. He was too old (he’s my age), too afraid of COVID19 to go looking for houses, he couldn’t afford anything else, that this house wasn’t worth more than 200e a month (yeah, he’d been paying 200e a month for 29 years!!!! And got my aunt to sign another contract for 10 more years at the same price), and that he was sick with stress since the day I told him he had to move out.

In the end I told him, and my lawyer told his lawyer in no uncertain terms that I’m a very NICE person and I’ve been way more than reasonable about this, but if I had to resort to getting the court to order the police to throw him out on the street the day lockdown ended I would also go to court for the rent he owed us PLUS court costs. If he was gone before lockdown ended he could keep the 10 months rent he owed. I wasn’t giving him more warnings, I was sending the police around first chance I got. Over and out.

Even then he asked for 10 more days. And that was 5 day ago. So he managed to drag it out for another 15 days past the ‘end date’.

When I met him today to get the key, he verbally attacked me. Telling me how the house was a wreck and that he only stayed in it despite the condition it was in cause he was ‘part of the family’ and he would never forgive me for causing him such stress during a time of pandemic, that my cruelty had made him sick, and that I ruined his reputation cause he never planned on not paying rent, he was a professional and his reputation was everything, and that the house wasn’t even worth 200e a month in its condition.

Uhuh. Like… who’d lived in the house for 30 years and let it get to that stage? Did he ever once clean or open a window to let in fresh air? It was in the condition it was in cause he never wanted anyone to do any maintenance on the place and he never lifted a finger to maintain it himself. We lived in that place for 7 years and never had issues with damp and sure as hell never let it become so disgusting. Four of us in that tiny place. But then again, we opened windows now and then.

Anyway, here are some photos of the house today. Warning: Not for the squeamish.

I’ve already organised for a friend to go in and rip out the bathroom, the kitchen and all shelves and cupboards. Our family painter had a look and said he can rescue the door frames, window frames and doors and windows…

The place needs to be fumigated and disinfected and demolished and everything has to be done over. Its beyond disgusting. How anyone could live in that filth is beyond me.

Ceiling in the bathroom.
Would you like to have a shower in here?
Bathroom window.
One of the walls in the kitchen.
Wall in the hallway.
Even the floor in the kitchen has mould where something sat for years. Sorry, no photos of the kitchen cabinets. I was too sickened to look at them for too long.
Inside one of the wardrobes.
Inside the other wardrobe.
The cigarette stained walls. The paintwork was once white. Its now all yellow and the house stinks of old cigarette smoke and mould.
Old wallpaper falling off the wall cause of the damp. This is right under one living room window but its not from water coming in. Its from damp from living in a closed up house.
The window frame and wall under the other living room window.
The surface of the built in shelves in the living room.
Even the bits which were covered by posters or whatever are yellow, just a paler shade than the rest of the walls and ceilings.

Its made me sick to my stomach but I can’t say I wasn’t expecting this. Now I start another house renovation, hopefully with better people and better results than last time.

Wish me luck.


not happy jan!

Now its all over and done with I think I can share the bathroom reno saga. I was just too upset about it and too stressed over everything to face it before.

To recap: I was renovating Aunt 1’s house in order to rent it out. The bathroom was the biggest project. I got three quotes and decided to go with one of them, a father son team, who came highly recommended by the lady who owned the shop I bought all the tiles and fixtures from. The shop came highly recommended by my cousin who’s always bought from them.

So, I was there when the bathroom started, then again when it was ‘finished’. Feast your eyes on the ‘finished’ pics below.

When i got the chance to actually LOOK at the ‘finished’ bathroom I was upset and pissed off. First thing I noticed was that the light ‘backplate’ was touching the mirror. AND the mirror was off centre. It looked squished together and awful. I tried to remove the mirror so it could be set lower and found that it was almost impossible to do. And that you can see the hole and wires behind the light/under the backplate. I spoke to the electrician, why on earth would put the light there like that? He said the mirror was already in place and he set the light as far as he could from the mirror and still hide the hole. I asked him to go back and fix the light. The mirror needed to be moved down and the light backplate moved to cover the wires/hole.

But that was the least of it…

The builder/tiler (ha) didn’t corner the tiles properly and ‘fixed it’ by painting the exposed edge when I complained. And take a look at the quad on the ceiling!!! I could have done a better job with my eyes closed. At the time he told me ‘thats the painter’s job, but I can do it for you’. I should have said no thanks.

He ‘trimmed the door’ using an axe. Or at least thats how it looks!!!!

There was grout missing in tons of places, cause he ‘wasn’t finished yet’.

I also noticed how many places the tiles weren’t straight on the wall. I DID query the lack preparing and smoothing the wall before laying tiles… also the lack of of waterproofing of the bathroom walls. But whenever I asked a question he was ready with an explanation – and of course never having renovated in Greece before and never having dealt with brick walls, I didnt feel condifent enough to say NO, this is wrong, do it properly… so now I have tiles in places where they are just NOT level. Oh, and he didnt use spacers either. he said he didn’t need them on the wall, you wanted the tiles as close as possile to eachother.

He got plaster or white goop or whatever its called all over the place. He obviously never heard of a damp rag to wipe it off before it dried to concrete.

He did a particularly great job on the window. I mean, metal strips are a great idea, but they dont meet! And look at that quad! And dried goop everywhere!

Where he put the styrofoam quad between the wall and ceiling he left fingerprints in the quad and tons of dried plaster everywhere. He never did put quad above the door.

Where the toilet joins the wall there is a small hole. there are places between tiles missing grout and places in the grout where there are holes.

Almost every wall he came into contact with has dings and marks, footprints or scrapes. Ditto some of the casings. Lets not talk about the cement like crap on the floor everywhere. Again, never heard of a damp rag…

The wall he built to divide the living room from the dining room was plastered over really roughly so the painter had a job of smoothing it.

I spoke to the lady who recommended – she said they must fix it at their expense. She showed them the photos and was really angry at the job that was done as its her reputation on the line too…  That would mean they come back and rip out tiles and start over. No thanks. That would have added another week or so to the house being finished and I couldn’t keep travelling back and forth.

I just got the painter to fix it as best he could. I know he does a good job. Even he couldn’t really fix it to my standards but at least it was passable.

I now dread the time when water gets through the grout and underneath and tiles start to pop off walls cause there was no waterproofing…

I blame myself for not being tough enough, but its hard to be tough unless you KNOW things for sure and I’ve never tiled or done renovation work on brick walls.

Anyway, its done now, finished to the point where its acceptable. And the house is rented. So at least MOST of my headaches are gone. Well… some of them. Getting the house rented was/is a nightmare in itself. Not the tenants. They’ve been great (so far, fingers crossed) but the paperwork required to rent the house. I’ve never seen anything as impossible as this. I swear…


Enough complaining for now. I have positive things to do today. Like repotting some of my plants.


moving right along

The bathroom is almost finished. Yesterday all the fixtures were put in. I’m missing a shelf for under the mirror cause I decided not to reuse the vintage one my aunt had, and we need a bigger metal strip for the shower glass partition. Basically, the wall is crooked so there’s a gap under one end of the glass which doesn’t look nice…

The radiator and towel rails are in place on the right hand wall but my photo was blurry so I’ll post that side later.

The builder is here now finishing off all the odds and ends. He had to vacate yesterday in order for the plumber to come do his job. Its just finishing touches left now, plus putting stucco on the new wall, rehanging the door etc.

The electrician put in the light and updated the power board so we can get an certificate for the house.

Theoretically I’m on the home stretch… Monday the painter will begin finishing his part in all this, the cleaner can step in and clean and tidy the place so the agent can come take photos.

Meanwhile I’m heading back to Paros on Tuesday morning with mom’s car loaded up with her stuff. I start work at the ceramics studio this week. I’ll have to come back again for my test appointment on July 16, but I plan to only come up for 1-2 days for that. Everything else should be finished and handled by the time I get back.

I hope.

Its bloody hot in Athens. I slept with the air conditioner on all night last night. First time it didn’t cool down enough to sleep with just the fan. Poor Lainee is dragging her feet on our walks.

My spots are all but gone, just sort of scars where they were. Lainee is not doing so well. Her spots are now up to 5 bigger ones and 2 tiny ones which might not be growing. I’ve made an appointment to take both her and Spartacus in for shots on the 14th. Her second, his last. sheesh. Its bloody ridiculous how much this has cost me.

After all this you’d think I’ll want to keep Spartacus seeing as to how much he’s cost and how much trouble he’s caused… but I’m not sure I want to… All this cause I rescued one tiny kitten. Maybe I should find him a home. Seriously. He’s gorgeous and playful and loving but I can’t handle the bills for 2 pets. Plus he’d have to be an outdoor cat as I can’t be bringing him to Athens with me when I come back here in winter. That means he’ll be in danger of catching something else, getting into a fight with another cat, being hit by a car. I really don’t want those things… sigh…

I’ve done virtually nothing the whole time I’ve been in Athens. No art. No sorting of stuff, no tidying. Only the bare necessities: moved a bit of leftover stuff from downstairs and overseeing the reno. I’ve been down from the whole ringworm/staph/who knows what it is thing and the heat has just drained me. I’ve had to go out to shop a few times and return to zonk out in the air conditioning.

I’m glad I’ve been here alone though. I need to disinfect the house before I leave so there are no spores or germs left when mom returns. Wouldn’t want her getting anything!

A few more days and I’ll be back in my own home for a while, start work and things will go back to whatever normal is for me now.


trying to climb back on the wagon…

Remember this post from long ago?

It was from back when I was inspired to go off sugar. It was before my holiday to Greece where I decided to move back here to be closer to mom and family.

It was way before I joined a gym and began to love working out again after years. And got fit and lost weight.

It was back when I started getting healthier.

Since then I slipped back into eating sugar till I’ve once again managed to disgust myself on days where almost everything I’ve eaten has been sweet.

I tried going to the gym but got sick, couldn’t get into the new gym, stopped going.

I really need to go back to where I was about two years ago and cut sugar out again. Then start exercising again.

I will not make the same mistake and pay for a gym membership in advance again though. Not when I don’t know where I’ll be from one week to the next. I need to find a gym in both Athens and on Paros where I feel I’m getting a good workout and pay monthly.

I miss my gym in Tasmania. I miss my gym in Melbourne. Its so important to find a gym you like, where you click and where you feel like you belong. And after so many years of not going to gyms I was lucky to find two I loved being a member of.

I want that again…

I also miss my doll remakes… I miss painting…

I miss making stuff… Need to get back to that.



Progress on the bathroom… Wall tiling will be finished this morning, only the top row needs doing. Floor tiling next.

The builder/tiler will fit flyscreens to the louvre windows in the bathroom and kitchen and finish the wall between the living rom and dining room. On Friday the plumber will put in all fixtures. The electrician will fit the light on Saturday and do whatever he has to do to get a current compliance certificate for the place (ugh) and the painter will return to finish his part on Monday. Somewhere in there the whole house must be cleaned.

So, theoretically, the house should be ready for photographs to list it mid next week.

All going well.

Keeping in mind that this is Greece and that things don’t always go as expected…

Still, I’m not doing badly considering this is my first renovation in Greece.

On the other topic of disease and pestilence: my spots LOOK like they’re getting better since yesterday, but Lainee has two new spots. Lovely. Given I’m taking an antibiotic for BACTERIAL infections, and it seems to be working, doesn’t that indicate its a staph infection rather than ringworm?

There’s a silver lining to Lainee having new spots: she was able to have swabs taken from the new spots today since they’d never been treated, so now I just wait for the results, not for 3-4 days before we can swab. Cost of vaccine/treatment plus culture: 60e. Second (and possibly 3rd shot if its ringworm) 35e each. (That’s not a bright spot btw.)

Lainee’s spots are more like mine… start off ‘wet’ or just red and then turned scabby. Like a real scab, like hard blackened spots like after an injury… Not the naked skin on Spartacus. And the pet shop lady who i got Malaseb from today who go ringworm from a kitten said mine looks nothing like what she had… I’m really dumbfounded by this!

I was given the numbers for two of ‘the best dermatologist in Greece’ but I haven’t called either yet. Originally I thought what the heck, if I can get this over with faster I’ll pay to go privately… then I remembered the hospital saying they wanted me to do the test after TEN days of no topical treatment. sigh… so even if went privately I’d have to wait those 10 days. So I’d only save 6 days from my current hospital appointment… Maybe. And be out a ton of money…

Maybe I’ll wait?

I’m not good at just waiting. I want things done now. I want it gone now.

I don’t know.

That seems to be the position I take regarding everything in my life lately. I just don’t know.

I know nothing about living in Greece. I don’t know whether I should wait here, go to Paros and return, whether I can make it living on Paros, whether I’ll have to move to Athens on a more permanent basis, whether I should spend money on renovating this house or not, whether I should just get a job and forget about trying to run a business which will cost me 200e a month just for the privelege of having the right to work as a freelancer in art/grooming/whatever whether I made any money at all… ie pay 200e a month every month regardless of earning a cent or not… and then paying about 50% tax on that cent. From day one…

I just don’t know.

I’m not ready to throw in the towel yet. I can’t anyway. I moved here for mom and I can’t just up and leave her… but maybe the wisest decision would be to go back to Australia?


I’ll put that on my gravestone: Here lies Zefi. She just didn’t know.