bonus – christmasses past

Ok. I don’t need reminding, I’m doing it now before I forget.

Here are some old Christmas cards I made for myself and my various personas online. I lost so much stuff in the hard drive crash a few years ago but luckily I had a few hard copies of some… Unfortunately a few seem to be lost forever…

So I’ll start with the printed ones I found.

In more or less order…

Our first printed card when Pagan was a puppy.
Pagan grown up now, still living in Melbourne.
My first Christmas in Tasmania, memorable cause I had a broken ankle.
The year Montana was born.
Pagan and Montana.
Montana growing up.
Billybear, Bonnard and Montana… plus a small tasmanian devil in the trees.

After those I pretty much went to just sending e-cards. So much quicker, cheaper and easier.

In no particular order:

At the farm, after we lost Billy and still had only 2 horses: Wally and Ben.
I love using vintage images to create my own cards.
I always had Christmas banners for my FB page and for my website but sometimes I sent cards through Messenger as well to my regular customers.
For my radio show FB page.
I think I made this when I still lived in my first house in Tasmania, when I had Bonnard.
A card made from a photo of my lazy Christmas tree that year: a stack of vintage books and old pearls.
What can I say? Some vintage ads are just perfect as they are!
Ditto with this one. Hilarious.
A Christmas ad for my grooming business.

I really have such fun doing these! I would do more of it if I could stand sitting in an office chair for more hours than I already do!


ok, more christmas – lockdown 2 day 32

Like my new Christmas banner? And the new blog colours for the season?

I was in a creative mood (computer creative) so I sat down and made myself some new banners for FB and for the blog, as well as some online Christmas cards for myself and for 2 uncles and their dogs. Those I messaged to them to share with their friends, but hey, I made them so I’ll give you guys a preview!

This is mine:

I used to make Christmas cards every year. Remind me to share as many of the old ones as I can find in a post… (I lost a lot of stuff when my external drive crashed a few years ago).

These are the ones for my uncles using pics of their dogs:

Meanwhile, I finished the Christmas platter/decoration I started when I bought a candy cane and a candle holder. Simple and cheap. I had the string, the platter and the vanilla scented candle, bought the tiny tree, and picked up some small pine cones on my walk. I sprinkled them with some glittery sandy stuff I had and voila. Done.

When (if) I ever clean off my kitchen table, this will sit there. Till then its on the tiny coffee table. Eh. A little Christmas cheer.


indian sign

A project I began and finished entirely since breaking my finger!

I had this large piece of plywood, with a thin metal border from when Wayne bought a wood splitter. It arrived in a lovely ply crate which was, unfortunately, destroyed during the unwrapping stage.

I went into the garage to see the unveiling and snuck off with the intact top. I put it in the silver shed where I store a lot of ‘future projects’ (ie junk I have plans for) and forgot about it. For at least a year, probably closer to 2 years… A few months ago I saw it while searching for something, thus it was near the front of my mind when I was wondering what kind of project I could do with one hand.

I had always planned to paint the Indian Motorcycle logo on it for Wayne’s garage. I mean, he’s a cowboy, he loves anything american indian, and its a great sign for a garage…

First I undercoated it with a 3 in 1 primer, sealer undercoat I had on hand. Then I projected the image I wanted onto it so I could trace it. I’m no sign writer, I needed the help!

I worked on it in the grooming room (since it wasn’t being used for grooming!) so I could keep it a surprise for Wayne. I only worked on it in spits and spurts as the inspiration and energy hit me so it took a full 3 weeks to complete.

I began painting it with artist acrylics but they didn’t give a nice finish. The face and head dress (which is a pale beige but looks white in the photos) are textured and not smooth. I had to buy some tiny (and expensive) pots of water based enamel paint. Its liquid and goes on smooth. However they have limited colours – I used those for the red, yellow and black.

The sign will hang in the garage, probably be put up next weekend if we’re lucky. Its something thats best admired from afar… the black outlines are a bit wobbly in places.

Wayne is pretty impressed with his gift. Its for putting up with me constantly complaining about my finger and for using it as a good great excuse for not cooking.


Wayne has hung the sign in the garage.


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passing the time not so productively

So, other than pondering the big questions in life (like is DIY worth it) what have I been doing with myself since the circumcised finger incident?

In short: not much.

Today I managed to make the bed almost entirely by myself. I had to call in reinforcements to pull the last corner of the fitted sheet down… But I was able to wrestle the doona into its cover all by myself.

I call that a victory.

Other than that I’ve been doing a lot of computer stuff. My mouse hand works fine.

Things like a heap of pics for my dog grooming:

And some self promotion for the radio show Wayne and I do:

Or, my favourite:

I’ve taken to wrapping my splint in neon coloured vet wrap.

I’ve been bored.

Tomorrow I’ll try to take some photos of projects which have been finished for a while but lack photographic evidence.

Plus, I finished a gift for Wayne’s workshop which I can photograph and share.

I can do that now cause I got batteries for my camera.