making pretty – the living room

You already saw stage one of styling the living room, but here is a quick stage two.

Firstly, I got a globe for the lamp, that helps, then I cleaned the entertainment unit which had been sitting in Merrill’s garage for over a year. It came up pretty well… amazing what a wash will do!

I got out my knitting needles and put them and some gorgeous white wool into a felt basket I couldn’t resist on that infamous trip to Spotlight… (don’t tell Wayne). I think it adds that homey feel. After all, I always have craft projects lying around my living room… the fact that I don’t knit has nothing to do with it. I can learn!

Till now, the only use I’ve ever had for knitting needles is parting poodle hair!

The shelves below may be empty (I haven’t taken up a DVD player yet) but the top looks nice with one of my favourite vases full of decorative sticks, the obligatory decorating magazines (well I have to find somewhere to put them!) and a pair of old wooden stirrups.

(forgive the blur…must clean my lense)

Looking the other way you can see the square coffee table (thanks Merrill) between the couch and armchair which creates a cosy sitting/watching tv or chatting arrangement. The lamp consists of two tip shop finds: the base from one shop and the shade from another.

And in case anyone with a keen eye notices the wierd fact that the back door has a solid timber panel in the middle of what looks like a french door… well, thats the window Bonnard went through one night a couple of years ago – almost slicing his front leg off in the process. Given that I was keeping Bonnard I opted not to replace the glass!

Ah, good times…

On the other side of the living room is an L which leads to the kitchen and to the bathroom. This is one of those spaces which is kind of nowhere… not really part of the living room, not really part of the kitchen. But in a way its the perfect spot for the armchair… its a great spot to sit and read if you dont want to go into the living room, not to mention a good spot to sit and chat to the person cooking (Wayne) or the person washing dishes (me).

I had a big bookcase along the long wall there for a while, then a huge painting and a display cabinet and a small chest. Now I have a comfy armchair (mate to the couch) and one of Wayne’s cupboards I got my grimy little hands on a while ago (more on that later).

Lastly, a look into the living area from the kitchen.

Nice. Spacious yet cosy. Warm and inviting.


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