DIY – tealight holder or…?

When we first moved to the farm we found all kinds of goodies in amongst the piles of rubbish we are still battling with. Among the goodies was this:

I  had no idea what it was. It has holes at one end through which I presumed bolts would go to keep it clamped shut. Wayne said its something to do with locking up rifles. Since I have no idea about rifles I’ll take his word for it.

Anyway, I thought surely there must be a use for it. Its an interesting item, the timber weathered and the paint worn off in places. In short: it was my kind of ‘thing’.

I decided that if I clamped it together it could work as a tealight holder. A table centrepiece, if you will. I envisaged the pieces clamped together with leather thongs, tied in the many interesting knots which Wayne knows how to do, sitting on a table on our deck on warm summer nights.

Till then I decided I could make use of it in Gully Road. I found some tiny glasses, filled them with white decorative gravel, added a couple of drops of lavender oil… tied the blocks together with raffia – voila! A pretty, nice smelling addition to the bathroom.


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