another suncatcher

Among the many things lying on my coffee table at the moment is a suitcase with my beading tools and my bead boxes.
Somewhere along the line, I decided I’d try my hand at making jewelry so I bought the teeniest pliers, skinny wires and beads. I did make a few necklaces (which turned out great btw ) and took them with me to Greece a couple of years ago as gifts.
Then I lost interest in jewelry.
Been there, done that is my motto.
Then I found these gorgeous huge chandelier crystals at a tip shop. There weren’t many, so I grabbed what they had. I thought they’d make great suncatchers.
With Wayne bending wire and making shapes, then me blinging them up, I think they come up quite well.
Originally the plan was to take them to a local shop and see if they’d sell. I might still do that, but for now I just have a build-up of suncatchers in the house, where they don’t catch much sun. I may even try listing them in my shop if when I get around to it.
I’m sick today and feeling rather flat. A sore throat and pounding head will do that to a person. Not to mention the dripping tap in my nose that needs a new washer. 
I once had the wierdest dream where I sneezed my guts out of my nose. Really.
They were white and long. Like spaghetti. Strange.
I wanna be home under a warm blanket with a mug of hot chicken noodle soup with tons of lemon…
Why exactly is chicken soup the right soup when you’re sick? Who made that the law?
I grew up on a diet of chicken noodle soup when I was sick like jewish kids the world over, and we’re not even jewish. Given mom came from an island with a fisherman father, why didn’t she give us fish soup when we were sick?
Last night I couldn’t sleep. You know that feeling, when you have a sore throat and think “Whatever you do, don’t swallow, it’ll hurt!” and then the first thing you do is swallow? Then cringe. And think, “Ok, that was a mistake. Just. Don’t. Do. It. Again.”
Then you do.

3 thoughts on “another suncatcher

  1. I'm sorry you're so sick, kiddo! Do the “it's the law” soup and rest and hydrate and above all…

    …do not swallow!

    Sorry. I know you just did.

    One of my favorite soothing things is to make hot chocolate, then FREEZE it and eat it slowly with a spoon. Let it ooze down my throat and soothe the fire. I'd suggest ice cream but I know you're coughing and you don't need that phlegm-producer but sherbet is another soothing, not so painful thing. Popcicles! Get those! Well, have Merrill get 'em…you're sick and shouldn't go out.

    I miss you. Heal fast. That's an order.


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