what’s in a name?

I’ve been wondering for a while now, whether I should change the name of my blog.

I originally called it Zefi’s blog cause I don’t have an imagination the purpose of the blog was just to share my trip to Greece.

Back then the blog was on Shine and contained stories of my childhood, photos of family and enough clear blue water to make you cry.

Now its on Blogger and I write about myself (ok, nothing new there), our new home, our life and, mainly, the DIY and crafting I/we do to improve our home.

I now live on a 90 acre property in the Derwent Valley of Tasmania, in an old relocated and tastelessly extended house with a serious mud problem in winter. We have 2 dams, a winter creek and 70 acres of native bush which taunt us with ‘free firewood’.

I share my life with my partner, Wayne, his two dogs and my two standard poodles (yes, poodles are not dogs!). We have 3 horses, about 10 chickens and about 11 ducks (those numbers are fluid).

We live on a dirt road and have a long dirt driveway. We have stockyards by the gate which feature a poodle sign and a bright red letterbox.

The reason I’m telling you all this is cause I’ve been wondering what I’d call my blog if I changed the name.

Some people have such imaginative names… I saw a blog last week called ‘7th House on the Left’ and thought what a great name! So simple, yet so brilliant.

There are others, countless others, which are cute, elegant, simple, clever or descriptive.

What would I call my blog if I didn’t just name it after myself like I do everything else?

My art site is zefiart.com. Most things stemmed from there. I figured with a name like Zefi (not many Zefi’s in the world that I know of, and I’m related to most of them) I didn’t need to find another catchier name for my site.

Ok. So I’m not that up myself. I do use other names…

My kennel prefix is Pantone Poodles.

I use Junk4Joy for the etsy shop (thanks Wayne. The man is brilliant – I toyed with names for days and he just opened his mouth and that fell out).

I named my grooming from home business (Derwent) Valley Dogs.

We named the farm Wind Dancer.

I could name my blog Junk4Joy and keep it all related. After all, I love junk and old stuff and re-creating it into something I’d be proud to have in my home.

Or I could go with something entirely different, more descriptive, more imaginative, more creative… (more pretentious…) and relating to our home… like:

The Red Letterbox
A Creek Runs Through It
90 Acres and 2 Poodles (why limit myself?)
Living in the Valley
Wind Dancing
A Stockyard with a Poodle Sign
Sandy Creek (the aboriginal name for our property is Bungonia which means Sandy Creek)
Up to Our Elbows in Mud

Thoughts? Suggestions?


I love naming dogs, but naming blogs? I’m lost!

So… what do you think? Change or no change?

Do my ideas suck?

Should I go have a stiff drink and forget it?


1 thought on “what’s in a name?

  1. Ahem, I vote have the drink and leave it alone! *S* It's always been Zefi's Blog- who else has a “Zefi's Blog”? Really? It's YOU.


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