moves are afoot

Well, not so much afoot, but happened. Over the weekend.
I had to brave the weather, and wearing a beanie, scarf and plenty of clothing, I made two trips to Fentonbury. On Saturday I had a couple of friends come up and take away some things I didn’t need to hold onto. Like another queen size bed. A friend of mine bought this for her guest room.
The bedside table and word frame have come back home. I’m thinking of giving the bedside table a makeover. Its one I found in an op shop and its already had one revamp, but I’m over it now. Time for a facelift again.
Another friend bought the cast iron single bed for her daughter’s room. Its a shabby chic and purple room so the bed will fit perfectly.
(And here’s another photo of that bed just cause I love it – the photo I mean.)
I gave her this louvre door for her bedroom so she can put up postcards and picture.
Same friend also bought the rug and the 60s kitchen table. I had a few moments of soul searching for that one… This table came from the first business my parents owned in Australia, a cafe in Griffith NSW. It lived in our house in Griffith, then moved to Athens, Greece with us, then came back with me when I moved back.
However, its not the style I want for the farm house and it would end up in the workshed. Plus I’m turning over a new leaf and letting go of things I don’t need or which don’t fit my current style.
At least that’s what I tell myself.
After they (and the stuff they took) left, I loaded up the car and trailer with every single thing I could lift and squeeze in on my own.
On Sunday Wayne and I went back up again and loaded up everything else. That included the lounge suite which went back to the friend who loaned it to me. Thank you Rosie!

And Merrill’s entertainment unit. Its lovely, but when you have standard poodles, you don’t do lowline entertainment units. Not if you want to actually SEE the TV.

You don’t realise how much stuff is in a house till you have to move it all!


Anyway, no, the house has not been sold. Ever since that sale that fell through in the very beginning, I’ve had people call or email, a showing, but no sales. The market just sucks at the moment.

So I’m renting it again.

This time I have a good feeling about the people I’m renting it to. They’re animal lovers, have a gorgeous dog called Milo, rabbits, rescue parrots and plan to get chickens.

As long as they don’t plan to build an arc on my property we’ll be ok.

Anyway, they move in this week so fingers crossed.

I sure could use a good break about now.

And I don’t mean like Wayne and his rib incident.

So, the farm house is full. Again. Boxes of stuff. Extra furniture which I had learned to live without here. Its all back.

This is when a deck shows its true purpose: storage space for things you don’t know where else to put…

Now I have to make the tough decisions. To keep or not to keep?

As I said, I already made the decision to sell some things. We just don’t have the room for it all at the farm. Now I have to consider every item I’ve brought back and decide where things will live. Here or elsewhere.

I’m itching to get back to work on the house. I’m dying to start painting again. The mudroom is screaming out for colour and order. Mainly order. There are coats and shoes all over the place.

I want to do up the guest room and make it pretty again. Once I find it under the piles of bedding, pillows, boxes and lamps from Fentonbury.

I have a headache. I need an aspirin.


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