the downside of blogging

Starting the day with a wine whine.

First thing this morning, more or less, I check my email and look at blog posts from blogs I follow. This is what’s prompted this list entry.

A few of the blogs I follow have videos embedded in them.

I have nothing against videos, in fact I’ve been known to watch a video or two on occasion.

However, they’re set to play when the page opens. No ‘click here’ required.

Why do you do this to us? It might be ok for those who live in technologically non-3rd world countries, but for someone on satellite broadband, on the computer Noah used as a child, do not need to be slowed down any more than we already are!

Videos that play automatically when a page opens are annoying at worst and make me want to throw my mouse out the window at best. Or vice versa. Whatever.

My computer grinds to a pace which a snail would have no trouble beating on a dry day, as it tries to load the bloody video, all my other windows hang and outlook express goes out in sympathy. So I have to sit here for what feels like hours, waiting till the computer wakes up so I can find the offending video and turn it OFF.

I’m not even interested in the videos! I want to read the blogs and look at the heavenly photos and get on with my life. I don’t want to be sitting here while my computer goes into deep meditation as it churns out megabytes of video.

And that’s another thing. Satellite internet is not only slower than ADSL broadband, its also more expensive. Much. More. Expensive. And if I go over my limit… Lets just say I had to upgrade to a higher plan cause my last bill was TWICE the monthly cost. And I wasn’t even over that much.

Yeah, yeah. No. I don’t have other choices here. We live in the black hole of communications. If its not hard wired, it doesn’t work well. TV, mobile phones, internet… I think smoke signals would be more efficient here.

So people, PLEASE consider that some of your readers do not have superwhiz connections… a small percentage maybe, but we are here. Think about us!

On that positive note I’m off to do some real work. I have tons of progress and some projects to share. Stay tuned.


Monday, 20 August 2012

OMG! I can’t believe it! I am just reading an article from A2D which is exactly what I was saying (only in more words detail and much more tact).

… now to follow some of her other tips… I wonder if people have to verify text before posting a comment on my blog? And I have no idea how to add categories…

3 thoughts on “the downside of blogging

  1. I agree about the videos–I live in the back of beyond Kentucky (US) so experiencing the joys of satellite internet…better than a hotspot or *shudder* dial-up!

    No, you don't have to verify the Captcha before you post on your blog–thank you!!


  2. Thanks! I did check it out and breathed a sigh of relief. Seems everyone is talking about pet peeves on blogs lately and that is one of them. Not the biggest one though. Videos and music seem to come first but things like bad spelling and grammar, too many blogs off topic (for the particular blog) and even centred alignment of text seem to be up there!

    I'm lucky this blog is about me, my life, my projects – so I can blog about my dogs if I want to! LOL


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