It was brought to my attention today, by a good friend, that I may lack focus.
Those weren’t the exact words she used… scattered was one of them. Easily distracted was another. Take on too much put in an appearance. Not superwoman got a mention. Crazy was in there somewhere too…
In fact, I was compared to the dogs in UP (watch video if you haven’t seen the movie). Love the dogs in that movie but I think I see what she means… I’ll be doing one job, then I’ll see a rusty object and … SQUIRREL!
ANYway… I don’t think I’m scattered. I think I just have too many ideas, too many lists, too little time and too little space in my head.
In fact, that’s my usual excuse when I forget things. I only have so much space in my brain. If I let more things in, some things have to go to make room for more.
At least I’ve had a productive weekend. I did tons of stuff which was on my list. Plus things which weren’t. I love weekends like that!
(Means I can put new things on the To Do List!)
So, here’s what I’ll do. Rather than go on and on in a long scattered blog, I’ll confine myself to one project per blog. How’s that for focus? Huh?
One thing I did was work on the corner of the deck. This is where we step up off the driveway onto the deck. Last weekend I put a large chalkboard on the wall. This weekend I moved the cabinet I’d mosaic-ed to the porch and added legs to it.
Not real legs. Temporary legs. I just cut chunks of a leftover post from when we made the deck. They’re the right size more or less so I may just paint them and call it good.
Last night I did my own version of chalkboard art. Badly. My handwriting really sucks. Which proves this is authentic.
If I was photoshopping it, you’d bet the typography would be spot on.
I put my old watering cans on the cabinet, added the only pot plant I have which is flowering (the only plant flowering in my yard, full stop!) in a galvanised planter, and voila! Very pretty.
Please ignore the horrible handwriting. It helps if you look at it and squint.
 I think I’ll stick to computer typography from now on.

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