good things come to those who fossick

I really scored today!
On the way home from work I had to stop for something at a $2 shop (ok… I lie… I didn’t have to!) and well, once I was in there I just had to look around, right? I mean, I was there!
I went through all my favourite aisles (art & craft, homewares, stationery) and just as I was leaving I spotted this little fellow.
I just had to have him! Of course he’s not porcelain, what do you expect from a $2 store? (Things which cost more than $2, that’s what). He cost me $8 but I think he’s worth every cent. I’m working on a few little projects and I think he’ll find himself in amongst them soon enough.
My other, even more exciting news, is this!
You know I can’t resist an op shop, right? And if there’s no one there to stop me, I just have to go in.
Well, this time I’m so glad I did!
This is an op shop I generally visit once every 2 weeks or so as they tend to have good prices. When I walked in today I spotted a basket full of what looked like old cotton pillowcases.
On closer inspection it turned out they were all cotton sacks. Flour, bread, coin sacks even. As I started pulling them out and looking at them I knew I had to have some.
The basket had 30c each on the side so I started unfolding, sorting, looking.
Then I thought stuff this. I want the entire basket!
So I took it up to the ladies behind the counter and asked how much for the lot?
$5 they said.
DONE, I said.
I’m so excited! Not all of them are old, but a few at least are before the metric system! (I haven’t yet sorted and counted them, just flipped through them.)
Oh boy!
I can barely contain myself.
They wanted to know what I was going to use them for.
I have no idea. When I saw them I just knew I had to have them.
Kitchen curtains comes to mind.
Office curtains even, if there’s enough of them.
Some of the bigger ones would make nice cushion covers. Some would probably look fantastic framed…
I just love the idea of a curtain though, sacks sewn together, without cutting them up and ruining them… so the curtain is double thickness. Or do I cut them up and sew them together so the curtain is more flimsy?
Oh, the dilema!
I may have to sleep on it. Give them a wash and good iron. Sort them out by size. Just look at them and admire then and thank my lucky stars I decided to stop in at the op shop today! 

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