to 31 or not to 31

The dilema continues to rage inside my head.
Do I do this thing or do I not? Can I do anything for 31 days straight?
Remember, we’re talking about a person who has the attention span of a gnat. Most people who are successful in their chosen field are successful cause they choose something and stick with it.
I’ve chosen lots of things in my life, done really well in them for a while, then got bored and moved on.
Rock’n’Roll dancing. Roller blading. Breeding standard poodles. Showing poodles. Graphic design. Art. Gardening.
No. Never gardening. I only put that in to see if you were still paying attention.
What I’m saying is that I get all enthusiastic about something, do it for a while, do it well, then move on. I can, and sometimes still do, the things I’m good at (artist, designer, grooming show poodles), but I dedicate my time to my next new thing.
Thats why I don’t have a ‘product’ to make/sell. I make one or two ‘somethings’, get bored and find something else to keep my mind and fingers busy. 
And trust me, I have a LOT of different ‘somethings’ on the go all the time.
I guess thats why I like painting – every painting is new and different, even if the subject is the same. The interpretation or ‘expression’ is different every time.
Back to the matter at hand – I’ve been torn over the 31 days project for the last week or so.
I thought I had the best idea: to make my 31 days days of making do and using what I have and not spending money. In theory its a great idea. Teach me a thing or two about money.
Then I realised I would end up having to spend money when I found I needed 45mm screws instead of 25mm or 65mm ones. Or when the curtain I decided to make needed a curtain rod I didn’t have.
So I thought, maybe I should make do as much as possible and limit myself to buying the ‘finishing’ touches if necessary…
And I thought I could make it about making stuff from nothing… or from as little as possible. From junk, in other words..
Then I realised that’s what I already do! I pick things up from tip shops (or our back paddock) and make them into something people might want to put in their homes.
So what would be the point in doing 31 days of the same ol’ thing?
I’d talked myself into a full circle and talked myself out of the idea.
I’m frustrated.
Maybe I should just do what another blogger I follow is doing: simply blogging daily for 31 days. Not only is that copying, but…
I’m not interesting 31 days in a row!
Wahhhh! This is where I throw myself on the ground and have a tantrum.
Maybe I should write 31 Memories From My Childhood.
Or 31 days of crazy rennovation/furniture re-making ideas… Name that one 31 Days of Big Plans. Or just 31 Days of Eye Rolling From My Other Half.
What about 31 Days of Finishing What I Start? (All the languishing products in the shed…)
31 Days of not complaining about anything Positive Thinking?
31 Small Treasures?
Hey. I kinda like that one. It can mean anything – its a broad topic… But I might get too mushy. Like I do when I talk about my poodles…
Or 31 Days Without Ch-Ch-Chocolate?
Ugh. I can’t even say that one!
 31 Days of Reducing. A worthwhile topic.
My weight would be good, but I was thinking along the lines of possessions. Things we don’t need. Clutter. Stuff under beds. Things you never use but keep cause one day you might feel the need to take it out, look at it, then put it away again. I could make a point of donating, giving away, selling or tossing one item a day for a month.
31 Things I Can Live Without. That’d work.
31 Things I Can’t Live Without. (Do I have that many things I can’t live without?)
I have 3 more days to think about this.
3 days.

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