office accomplished

I can’t wait to see Wayne’s face when he sees his new work space tomorrow!
So, you want the nitty gritty?
This morning when I woke up, I found I could barely walk. So sore! But I cowboy-ed up and got on with it.
After 2 cups of coffee and a breakfast of Weetbix (the breakfast of champions apparently) I was up to facing the mess I’d made in the living room.
First thing I did was mix up some more putty for the patched hole and apply it. Since its under the desk I’m not fussed about finishing it. That’ll be a job for when I paint the living room.
I had an unpainted corner to deal with.
I did what every DIY person would do… I looked around at what I had that I could use. The easiest thing I found was 3 metres of burlap.
Using upholstery tacks (leftover from my kitchen chair makeover), I tacked the burlap to the wall. I had to cut and overlap a bit to cover the entire area, but I think it looks ok.
I then had to put together my old office desk. Its one of those corner units, made up of two separate desks joined together by a triangular piece.
I found the triangle piece and the metal joining strips. Naturally I’d lost the screws to put it all together.
Of course I didn’t have any screws fat and short enough to do the job. I had to improvise.
I drilled new holes to fit the thinner screws I had on hand… then made little screw and nut kebabs to shorten the length of the screws so they wouldn’t come up out the top of the desk.
I never said I did things right. I just said I got things done.
After much wrestling with desk parts and crawling around on my knees, I got the desk together. And while I was down there I untangled all the cables and put Wayne’s computer, printer and speakers back together again.
At least I hope I did….
I got a whimsical wire frame Wayne made for me (as inspired by Pinterest) and put it on one wall. I put the floor lamp in the corner behind the desk, and a vase of flowers. Not sure how Wayne will like that!
I also brought in a couple of boxes I’ve been using in the shed for my tools. This gorgeously chippy box used to hold my framing equipment. It now holds Wayne’s notebooks and sketch pads.
This timber tool caddy used to hold my smaller tools. It now holds rulers and pens.
I’ve also moved an old bookcase into the living room for books and paperwork. I’ll take photos of that when I finish it.

So, lets review:




You can see the first stage of the makeover here.

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