day 2 – grooming

 What I did do:
I groomed. Today I groomed a sweet border collie x smithfield girl who loved me even after I groomed her, and on the weekend I groomed a gorgeous toy poodle named Captain. Here he is with his new best friend, Mischa. The look on Mischa’s face is priceless.
What I didn’t do: 
I didn’t groom my own dogs. Mischa is shedding so much we’ve got enough hair to build another 2 staffies. Barney is getting all whiskery, and the poodles’ faces are lost in hair. I think Romeo just bumped into a door cause he couldn’t see it.
Captain’s a squirmy little thing with a seriously bad attitude towards the dryer. His owner, a macho man who’s always had big ‘manly’ dogs, is totally smitten. 
As Jacqueline Suzanne said in her book, Every Night Josephine: the cute shall inherit the earth.

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