day 22 – rust a la pinterest

About a week ago I decided to try out a pin from Pinterest which claimed it would rust anything.
It said to place some white vinegar in a jar, add about a teaspoon of salt and leave overnight.
Well I left it overnight. Nothing happened. The bits and pieces were still silver.
I left it for about 4 days.
I even added more salt.
Then I poured out the water thinking “so much for that:” and left the bits outside in a dish.
That’s when they rusted!
Excellent. Now I can use them on a project or five.
What I did today:
Finished the website work. Now if my connection would stop playing up I could upload it.
Took Barney to the vet. Learned that the 2 lumps he has are just fatty lumps (and the vet didn’t mean me and Wayne) but that he needs to lose weight. Him and us both.
Collected a parcel from the PO which contains the burlap I bought for the market stall in December.
Two loads of washing. 
Put the new ironing board cover on the ironing board.
Arranged to buy a gorgeous old dresser I don’t need or really have room for.
Crossed 2 things off my list. Not the BIG LIST, just the weekend list…
What I didn’t do:
Iron anything.
Pay bills. Yet.
Figured out how to get the dresser into the house without Wayne noticing.

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