day 27 – running to stay in place

Oh boy!
Was today a day of rushing around like a headless chook or what!
First, I packed the car with everything I’d need to decorate the church, then I had to get the trailer onto the car so I could go pick up the dresser. In order to do that I had to let Wayne know what I was doing. It went down pretty much the way I expected it to… he spat the dummy was thrilled and excited about my purchase.
Here it is in my office – now go on! This is worth being yelled at isn’t it?
Its going to hold a lot of crafting stuff, office stuff and general stuff in the office for me. All I need to do now is sort the stuff out and start cramming it in! Maybe I’ll get lucky and actually clear the coffee table in the living room…
After moving this baby in I had a dog to groom. He’s one of my special customers, a sweet little boy that comes in regularly for a wash and tidy.
When he was done I was off to the church where I made bows to the sounds of the choir practising for a concert in November. It was actually lovely to be working to their singing.
I put the little sign I’d made on a plate holder on a table near the church door. I covered the table in burlap and rose petals… The rose petals were stolen from a garden on the way to the church. I’d been thinking that I really needed some red rose petals so I took a scenic route to the church looking into gardens for easily accessible roses. 
Isn’t the saying “Something old, something new, something stolen, something blue”?
Sorry about the photo. It was dark and the flash didn’t look good on the sign. For that reason its smaller than usual… smaller photos don’t look as blurry!
Then it was a rush home to jump in the shower and make myself beautiful so we could be back at the church in 30 minutes. The wedding was beautiful and Kelly and Simon looked happy as they said their vows. Kelly was gorgeous and the bridesmaids looked great in their red grecian style gowns.
After the wedding I shot off to the reception hall to add the heart wreath to the bridal table. The reception was great fun, the food very good, the sweets excellent and the hall looked fantastic in the red and white theme.
Here is the happy couple…
And here is the Baileys I ordered which came in a beer glass. I had to get a photo of that! … Too bad they didn’t feel the need to fill it to the top…
All in all, it was a very busy but lovely day!

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