day 28 – it gets worse before it gets better

That’s what they say. And let me tell you, its true!

Here is what the office looks like now:

I’ve pilled old suitcases and metal boxes on top of the dresser to hold things in an organised fashion. I added tags to everything so I’d know what went where.

I can  see the desktop. But give me 5 minutes…

And I found a use for a couple of the bedsprings I got from the tip shop a couple of weeks ago.

This is what the office looked like earlier today:

Yep. There’s a desk under there somewhere…

This was yesterday:
This was today:

So, you’ll agree… it did look a lot worse before it got better, right?

Then, cause I loved the whole tag thing, I went a bit crazy and started tagging everything. Including the suitcases in the guest room which act as a bedside table.

I’m pretty happy.

What I did today:
I found my desk. I found the coffee table in the living room. I did 3 loads of washing. I made a cheesecake.

What I didn’t do:
Clip and wash the poodles. Its only been on the list for 3 weeks. Fold the washing and put it away. Cook dinner.

I’m going to go eat some leftovers and watch TV. I think I earned it.


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