smelling the roses

I’ve been taking it easy since the end of the 31 day challenge.

By that I mean I’ve been working till late every night (after work) on projects for Hobart’s first Shabby Chic Market on December 8. And I still have a long way to go!

As I work, watching Criminal Minds, CSI, Bones, Grey’s Anatomy, House Husbands… (I multitask ya know) the poodles keep me company by sitting nearby and watching me work.

Montana, above, next to me, and Romeo opposite. I love the way they’re always nearby!

I always say “get a poodle and never pee alone again”!

The weather has been great lately. Warm days, some light rain. Perfect weather for grass, and weeds, to grow. I got the mower going (or should I say ‘someone else got my mower going so I used it’) and I mowed the lawn.

Of course it needs doing again – mow, look back and its grown an inch… A fact that I ignored on the weekend cause I only had so much time between grooming dogs to work on my market projects. I figure the market has a deadline. The grass will always be there.

But the farm is looking gorgeous and its the best time of year to really appreciate living here. The weather is warm enough to sit in the sun without burning to a crisp in 2 minutes, the breeze fresh, the smell of grass pleasant, the smell of dead things gone. (Only found one dead wallaby on the weekend, seems the toxoplasmosis outbreak may be slowing down. We can only hope.)

Anyway, no rest for the wicket. I have to go to work and then get back to the treadmill that is my life.

More later!


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