4 chalkboards

Chalkboards are a good thing. Not only are they all the rage, but they’re fun, practical and pretty to look at.

In preparation for the market I made these four beauties using bits and pieces I had in my workshop. They’re all different styles and sizes of frame, and all have old drawer pulls added to them for chalk holders.

The first one is a distressed antique white and has a black metal drawer pull with just enough chippy paint to make it extra special.

The second is antique white, glazed with burnt umber and has a rusty bronze coloured drawer pull. This one will have string added to tie onto the chalk for those who lose things.

Third is another antique white and glazed frame with a brass pull, again with a hole for string to be attached.

Last is a pale pink frame with a gorgeously patina-ed drawer pull. Before market day I’ll be adding string to chalk for each chalkboard and perhaps a bit of bling… see how I feel about that when I do it! 

I already have 2 chalkboards in our home so I don’t really need any more. (Can you have too many chalkboards?) I have a huge one on the porch to welcome people when they arrive, this one has pegs up top to hold chalk. (My chalkboard art leaves a lot to be desired!)

The other is next to the fridge for the shopping list, also with a peg chalk holder.


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