little birdie bye bye

Does this look familiar?
It should if you’ve been following my blog. This is what it looked like last time you saw it.
Only problem is, without my bling it looked really boring. Since I was taking it to the market, boring was something I couldn’t have.
So I decided that the cage area needed a bird. And a nest.
The nest was easy – I rolled and looped and stitched some jute string into a nest, added some pearl beads as eggs and voila. Nest.
Then I made a bird. A little floral pink bird. From a pattern I thought up in my head.
Turned out it wasn’t quite right. Cute, but not right.
So, like that joke – what did God say when he created Adam? “I can do better if I try again” so he created Eve –
I tried again and made this little cutie.
Much better huh?
Here is the little canary in the cage with its nest.
I’m proud to say this little canary has found a new home with Kylie who also had a stall at the Shabby Market. You may have noticed the little birdie I got from her in my post yesterday…
Cute huh?

2 thoughts on “little birdie bye bye

  1. I think we must have similar taste. I have had an empty little decorative bh for ages. I found it at a garage sale for a quarter or something. Again, I think I'm going to borrow your idea. A realistic bird never thrilled me in there. But that little chickadee you made is just perfect.

    Debby in Andover, KS USA


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