heart tray

How pretty is this tray with its heart handles? When I found it in an op shop it was all pine and looked heavy and chunky. Not that there’s anything wrong with chunky. I like chunky. I love chunky sport shoes, I love chunky bracelets. But this tray just looked like something you’d hit a burglar over the head with, not serve tea on. And so un-pretty…
But the hearts. And the solid wood. I couldn’t go past that.
So I did what any self-respecting DIY-er would do – I painted it. Sanded it. Painted it using a chalk paint of my own mixing, lightly sanded it again to create a smooth satin feel you can’t get enough of touching.
Heavy no more. Chunky it might be, but its also light and pretty now.
It may still come in handy as a weapon of self protection, but you’d think twice about using this pretty tray to pound someone on the head.
I like it when things work out, don’t you?
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Homespun Happenings

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