an old bookcase gets a new look

I’ve been itching to get stuck into this particular project for a while now. Ever since I made up a space in the living room for Wayne’s office. When I did that I moved this bookcase into the space under the window into the kitchen (a perfect fit!) so Wayne could hide away his bits and pieces…. which he never does… but that’s beside the point.
The point is that it started out like this: an op shop find, a little worse for wear. It obviously had had glass in it at some stage, possibly a kitchen cupboard, maybe a bookcase…
First I gave it a fresh coat of paint, no distressing in those days. Then I put flyscreen in it to use as a towel cupboard in my bathroom.
That worked well for a while, then I  moved it to the spare room where Bonnard (one of my standard poodles) destroyed it by digging at the flyscreen. He only destroyed the top part of both doors so I just cut the screen and left it like that for a few years.
I mean, it still worked. And it was easier to access things on the top shelf without a screen there!
So, when the office area was created the bookcase lived there without the top screen for a few months. I’d planned to replace the screens with burlap, just hadn’t got around to it till today.
Here is a photo after removing one of the doors.
When I’d put in the flyscreen I’d used narrow quad to hold it in place. I had to remove that and managed to do it on both doors without breaking it. Great accomplishment!
I had planned to use some grain sacks I’d found at an antique shop but they were too short. So I got out my stencils and some sharpies and went to work.
All went well till I realised that I’d put the burlap in the first door upside down. Darn. I DID check you know… but somehow still managed to get it wrong.
I had to remove the quad and of course broke every single piece of it that time. Something to do with using slightly bigger flathead nails instead of tiny bullet head ones… d’oh!
Oh well. Live and learn. I had to put the burlap back in right way up using tacks and glue and folding it over to prevent it from fraying. Didn’t look too bad actually.
Lastly I had to find a handle. The one I had on there had been gnawed on by Bonnard plus it no longer suited. It was fine for the bathroom as it matched the vanity, but not for the new look. I found an old brass handle I liked in my box of knobs and handles and added it.
So here it is! A little more battered than before, a little more lived in, and way better for hiding all the junk I’d like to keep out of sight when visitors come over!
Ok. The words aren’t entirely straight. Pulling on burlap to stretch it has that effect. But I’m pleased with it.
Now… onto the next project! 

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