a new place to store eggs

Today was a day of relaxation and enjoying eachother’s company at Wind Dancer. No house painting.

We started the day with a sleep in, some time just sitting quietly and watching our animals, a brunch of french toast, bacon, maple syrup and banana… Then we spent some time reading and relaxing.

Then we went grocery shopping.

Ok, that wasn’t relaxing but we started out going for a drive to a small town I thought we’d be able to have a coffee in a cute cafe and explore the antique shops. Turns out the town had ONE antique shop and no cafes… Who knew?

Anyway, since I haven’t done much new lately in terms of craft or decorating, I thought I’d share my cute little egg cabinet. I found this at a local op shop a couple of weeks ago. I just loved it! Had to have it. Even Wayne agreed it was gorgeous.

So now I’m the one in charge of storing our eggs cause I have a strict rotation system. Fresh eggs go into the cabinet, then when that fills up, are moved into the fridge. Wayne tried to grasp my rotation method but decided it was safer to just let me handle it.

I now find eggs all over the kitchen where he leaves them for me to store.

On the subject of eggs… we lost 2 chickens in the last 2 days.

I’m not impressed. I found one of our black chooks dead in the yard yesterday afternoon, and this afternoon Wayne found one of the brown ones dead.

Both had been obviously killed by the dogs. But this is what I don’t get. Yesterday morning when Wayne went out to the hen house, one of the black hens must have come into the yard… But neither he, nor I heard any sounds at all.

Later on, while grooming, poodles locked in the house and Barney and Mischa in the yard, I did hear some loud sound. I went outside and saw nothing untoward, thought I’d simply heard the rooster crowing and went back to work.

Well, now I think it was Barney and Mischa killing that chook. Because there was no sound of squabbles or anything later on when all the dogs were in the yard.

This afternoon when Wayne went out to feed the chickens and put them in the coop he said he was there, with the dogs the whole time. He said they ran around and ignored the ducks and chickens like they usually do. There was no chasing or squalking or sounds you’d associate with a chicken hunt. Yet there was a dead chicken with obvious bite marks on her and still warm.

I just don’t get it. They’ve all been so good at ignoring the chickens for so long, why this suddenly?

I am heartbroken.

On a happier note, one of our chickens is sitting on 5 eggs. We plan to catch them soon as they hatch and put them in a pen to get them through chick-hood. If we don’t the birds or stray cat we’ve seen around here will get them as they do the ducklings.

We’ve lost all the ducklings we had a couple of weeks ago.


Its nature I guess.


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