pretty things make it home

Do you remember the heart wreath I made for our front door as a welcome? Well, I loved it, but Wayne kept knocking it around as he came and went. So in the end I gave it to a friend as a housewarming present and hung up something new…
Wayne made this and its the perfect front door decoration! Just my kind of thing.
Have I mentioned how great Wayne is? Yesterday I asked him to price an air staple gun for my birdproofing the house and he came home with one for me! 
Nothing melts a girl’s heart like power tools!
Its a big week next week. Merrill is moving to Victoria and I’m helping her sell stuff before her move, adopting some of her stuff for us, and organising to make room for things here! I’m buying her old leather sofa and armchairs (cause its leather!) and 2 of her bookcases.
The headache… We have too much stuff. This is not a big house. Four bedrooms, but not big bedrooms. In fact, the smallest bedroom is so small you have to go outside to change your mind.
ha. ha.
I’ve always wanted to say that.
Now I have and I apologise.
Anyway, small bedrooms, a huge living room but too much furniture. I like things to look pretty and this place ain’t pretty. Yet.
I have pretty corners. Like this one on the coffee table…
And this one on the other coffee table…
But I have plans. I’ve sold my grey couch. I’m donating the single bed and tons of clothing and bedding to the fire relief. The other couch and the recliner are both looking scared. 
I plan to make more room in here so I can feel the space. And the smallest bedroom will soon be a walk in wardrobe!
Stay tuned!

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