pom poms and poodles

Yay! I did it!
I finally made myself a little pom pom posie!

I had made this bedspring vase a little while ago and really wasn’t happy with it.I think it was the pink flower that got me.
And when I saw the little pom pom flowers at Ecclectically Vintage, I knew they were exactly what I needed!
Since I have a passion for blue, purple and white flowers, I chose some purple and cream wool for my flowers and used florists wire for the stems.
The pom poms really are quite easy to make, using a fork to wrap the wool around, but when they come off the fork they really were the ugliest pom poms I’d ever seen. They really did need a haircut.
Lucky for me I’m a whizz at trimming pom poms as my poodle showing days will prove!
 Ahhh… I do miss poodle hair!

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