tea light chandelier

I had this idea that I’d like to try making a dangle which could hold a tea light and shine on its own light, not just rely on the sun hitting beads and crystals.

So when I found these tiny little glass craft bottles, I thought they’d be perfect for the job!
First I filled them with a mix of pink and yellow crackle glass beads and aurora borealis beads. Then I made little wire hooks for them.

I found a little cup shaped metal bowl in my junk collection and an old vegetable steamer. 
Put them together…
I tested it out with a tealight in it, just to see how it looks. 
Sort of like a cross between a spaceship and a jellyfish.
But it brings a smile to people’s faces when they look at it and go “Hey! That’s a vegetable steamer!”
Yeah. But with a difference!

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