why I wasn’t around

Yes. Its been a long time since I posted.
I have very good excuses:
I ran outta gas.
I had a flat tire.
I didn’t have enough money for cab fare.
My tux didn’t come back from the cleaners.
An old friend came in from outta town.
Someone stole my car.
There was an earthquake,
… a terrible flood,
It wasn’t my fault!!
Ok. So you’re not falling for that.
Actually I was out of town for a while. Then I was lazy. And busy. Having a life. You know how it is.
I went to Sydney over the Easter long weekend to attend the Poodle National and help my good friends Iris with their poodles.
Yes. Two Irises. And 5 poodles between them.
Iris No. 1 is a toy poodle breeder, the breeder of my beloved Billybear. Iris No. 2 is a standard poodle breeder. I did up her beautiful black Tango for the show on Saturday and ended up handling her in the ring. (Tango that is. Not Iris.)
That’s something I wasn’t expecting. I mean, I was flattered that Iris asked, I’m not fit and certainly don’t consider myself a good handler, but on the plus side I am younger than she is… Anyway, Tango went well for me and got 3rd in a large class which was pretty good.
The rest of my time up there I groomed toy poodles before, during and after the show. I was exhausted when I returned!
On the Sunday I did up 4 toy poodles which Iris handled to win two 2nd places and one 3rd place. 
To non-showing people that might not sound like much, but trust me, to place at a National is a big deal. Its a huge speciality show and people with poodles come from all over Australia. Most classes are much larger than you get at any local shows.
To be honest, I’m really proud (and flattered) that people admire the way I present poodles and want me to groom for them… so allow me to brag:
Meet the toys I helped with:
I don’t have a photo of Tango unfortunately. I didn’t have my camera with me. Hopefully I’ll get one soon. And maybe one day I’ll brag about some other poodles I’ve presented for shows…
When I got back I just needed to rest, but you know there’s no rest for the wicked. I had dogs to groom here too. That’s the problem when you’re trying to build up a business of your own. You can’t afford to say no and put people off.
I also re-designed Iris’ website. Have a look: Toniri Toy Poodles
Doing websites takes HOURS. I’m not sure I enjoy doing them any more…
I’ve basically done nothing but run on the hamster wheel since I got back from Sydney. I have so many projects that are unfinished or unstarted its not funny.
Its sickening really.
One project I started while at the National was a necklace I’m making out of felted poodle hair. Stay tuned when I figure out how I want that to go together… and when I find a needle to thread the felt balls with.
Another project is a light shade for the wardrobe room I started a couple of weeks ago. I found something I think will work and while trying to clean it up yesterday I cut my finger and remembered we don’t have any band aids.
Then we’ve had a fire nearby. This is the hill opposite us on Sunday.
Lucky for us this fire happened now, when its not so hot, after we’d had some rain, and on a day with no wind whatsoever. If this had started during one of our horrible heat waves with the roaring winds we’d have had to make a quick decision.
I guess I better go figure out what project I should work on today. This will be my last Monday off for at least 4 weeks as they’ve asked me to work 5 days a week for a while to help out. NOT looking forward to that.
Between grooming dogs and the zillion projects I have in my shed, house and head there’s not much room to move!

1 thought on “why I wasn’t around

  1. Dear Zefi, Welcome back!. I have been missing your blog. I enjoyed the photos of the above dogs. I know that this may be an ignorant thing to say; I had no idea that dogs could look this way, groomed to show. I have never attended a dog show and am only familiar with mixed breed dogs that when they are groomed, their appearance does not change much. You have so many talents and energy. I am in the process of reading THE MAN WHO LISTENS TO HORSES by Monty Roberts. I have just started and have found much of it I gloss over as it speaks of centuries of cruelty to horses; with the very occasional enlightened human being promoting “tenderness” in the relationship with a horse. I have known of this gentle man for many years and am so glad that he is having an influence (thanks mainly to the Queen of England) on how horses are trained. Anyway, stay well, Zefi. (expect a small parcel in the post)-Patricia


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