welcoming cas

Meet Cas:
Remember I decided to sell Ben cause he needed an experienced rider willing to take him on and train him? He was unbroken to saddle when we got him and we were finding it too hard to get someone to bring him along for me. And even if we had, he really was too green for me.
I had to face my limitations.
Enter Cas.
Cas is a 16yr old champagne appaloosa few spot mare. She’s gorgeous and she’s mine.
Not too big at 15hh (compared to Ben’s 16.2hh – that’s a lotta hands when you’re falling off!). She’s nice and fat and round. I could ride her bareback and be comfy. She’s just what I need, a nice quiet, steady girl who will give me back my confidence and help me get my saddle bum back.
(Hey, if sailors can call them ‘sea legs’ surely I can call it ‘saddle bum’!)
Cas arrived yesterday and while Dancer and Wally ran around like idiots, she remained calm, collected and way more interested in the grass.
This afternoon we let them all out together and it was all good. Dancer has her nose out of joint a bit, she’s used to having Wally’s affections all to herself. Wally is thrilled. He knew we’d eventually come round to getting him a harem.
I love the name ‘Cas’. It reminds me of Castiel – aka Cas – on (you guessed it!) Supernatural.
Apparently when she was purchased as a youngster her call name was Nova. Her new owners didn’t think that was a good name so they renamed her Casanova, thus Cas.
I first thought Cassandra.
When I told mom, she said Cassiopeia.
Wayne said Casserole.
Guess which one will stick?

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