Showing my age here, but I suddenly had a yearning to hear some very old songs tonight…
I started with some movie themes… 
The theme from Exodus. I saw that movie when I was just a kid and that music stuck with me… 
The theme from Love Story. Ditto. Nadia’s theme… kind of ruined forever by being the theme for The Young and the Restless… 😦
Jim Croce’s Time in a Bottle. I have no idea what movie I heard that song in, but its such a beautiful love song…
Ok. Being me, I googled it. A TV movie from the seventies called She Lives! I don’t even remember the movie, I just remember the song… and that feeling of intense love. You know, being a teenager and believing in the kind of love Romeo and Juliet had.
Now there’s a movie theme which gives me goosebumps – A Time For Us, What is a Youth. And what a beautiful movie… the Franco Zeffirelli movie, not the later ones. That movie is a classic, with Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting. There was no way to improve on that!
When I was a “tween” I made a friend who lived across the street, she was older and had a lot of grown up music (ie more grown up than The Osmonds and The Partridge Family). I’d borrow LPs from her. Her records and parties where they used to play the cool ‘rock’ stuff was where my musical education started.
Creedence Clearwater Revival, Doors, Led Zeppellin, Deep Purple…
…Bread. Now there’s a band with lovely love songs… If, Make it with you, Everything I own… 
Ahh… Memories… 
Nazareth, Love Hurts…
Dancing close with a boy, in the semi darkness in someone’s living room. Swaying to the rhythm, feeling the music in every heartbeat, the yearning, the certainty that only you and Juliet knew about true love. And the feeling that what you were doing was going to get you grounded.
Santana’s Europa…talk about hot slow dancing!
Holding hands. The first kiss…
So here I sit, doing computer stuff and taking a trip down memory lane. 
Since I’ve already given away too much about my age, I guess I can confess to the world at large that I had the biggest crush on Donny Osmond. 
And David Cassidy.
Come on! This guy was gorgeous! (I think I may still have a crush on him…)
Be still my beating heart!
Is there anything as precious as the innocence of youth? I’d play my Osmonds or Partridge Family albums and dream of kissing the boy on the cover…
And then, as I was looking for photos of my old heart-throbs I noticed something very disturbing…
Doesn’t this photo of Donny Osmond remind you of someone?
 YEP! I’m not the only one to notice it!
I’m feeling a little sick now.
I have to go…

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