the molasses fiasco of 2013

While I remember, I thought I might share our misadventure with the new truck. You may remember we traded my poor tired little Lancer Wagon in for a newer dual cab ute with canopy a few weeks ago.
It was spotless. All shiny and clean.
Of course that was never going to last. We live up a dirt road and car washes and I have a natural aversion to eachother. However I blame Wayne for the following debacle.
Here are the facts:

We mix molasses into the horse feed cause we own pampered nags.

Molasses is sweet, thick and very sticky.

We were out of molasses and the horses were taking it as a personal insult to be given unflavoured feed.

I stopped in at the feed store after work and picked up a 25 kilo bucket of molasses.

I put it in the back of the ute with 2 bags of horse pellets.

I told Wayne.

Wayne fed the horses that night and the next morning.

I looked into the back of the ute before heading off to work, didn’t see the bucket and presumed he’d taken it out.

That was my first mistake.
I mean, he’d FED the horses. 
There was a new bucket of molasses in the truck! I think I can be excused for presuming he’d removed the bucked to add molasses to their feed.
At the end of that day some poor guy chased us on the freeway, hooting his horn and waving madly about something leaking out the back of our car. I guess we were lucky it wasn’t the cops presuming it was blood from a badly wrapped body.
Can you guess?
Yep. 2/3rds of a bucket of molasses. All over the tray and horse feed bags.
And it was dark.
We got home, I got the high pressure water cleaner thingy, connected it to the hot tap and started blasting it out. Every now and then I’d stop and use a portable spotlight to check… ‘Yep, still got molasses in that corner’… ‘oh look, its on the ceiling!’… Needless to say we were both soaked with diluted molasses and the grass got a good long drink of it. Come spring we’ll know if its good fertilizer.
Even the horses were laughing at us. 
Or they would have been if they weren’t crying over the waste of so much molasses. If we’d allowed them to they’d have happily licked it clean for us.
Object lessons:
Never leave a bucket of molasses in the back without securing it. It might be sealed but it opens easily!
Never presume ANYTHING.
Well, at least you can’t say life’s boring round here!

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