a real softie

Last night I finished this little fellow. He’s an echidna. He doesn’t have a name yet and ‘Spike’ just seems too obvious. He’s bigger than the blue teddy, but not as big as Elmer or Kangarat.  He’s basically the size of my hand but taller and spikier.

I just had the itch. You know the one which says “I really want to make something”…? After making the blue teddy the other day I just felt (no pun intended) that I just had to make another felt animal. I considered a wombat – too easy…. They’re just a long roundish lump. Cute but rather uninteresting. Though I do love them in all their lumpy if-you-hit-me-I’ll-break-your-car-ness.

I considered an eastern quoll or a bandicoot. I even went as far as printing out images of those for reference.

In the end the echidna won. I’ve always loved the little guys. I used to have one that made a yearly trek past my house in Fentonbury. It drove the dogs absolutely crazy to see him walk along our fenceline, impervious to their scare tactics.

It took ages to do the spikes… I needle felted each individually. It’d have been easier and faster if I’d wet felted those, but then where would the challenge be in that?

I think I’ll hold onto young Spike here and enter him in the next Spindle Tree competition.


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