on my way – sort of

I started off the day like any other: checked email, did some laundry, folded washing to put away, washed dishes, cleaned the kitchen, scooped up some poopsicles (its been really cold lately!).

I must say, I’m not sorry to be leaving when its so cold. Though I actually don’t hate the cold. I just wish we’d get some snow now and then. All we get is frost. Wake up to a white world which is frost and ice. Frozen dog bowls, ice on the dam this morning (first time ever!) and poopsicles.

It does make it more pleasant to pick up, I must admit.

Then I ran around in a panic cause I couldn’t find the track pants I planned to travel in! I looked everywhere – in the wardrobe, behind the sweaters, under the boots, in the drawers, in Wayne’s closet (he has been known to try to get into my pants!)… I even considered unpacking my bag in case it was in there. Thankfully I didn’t have to go that far!

I found them in the bottom of my legging drawer.

What, doesn’t everyone have a legging drawer?

Amanda gave me a lift to the airport, thank you Amanda! I used to be the airport driver for Merrill, and wouldn’t you know it, just when it was her turn to drive me to the airport she went and moved interstate.

I call that over-reacting.

The flight was uneventful, though I did have a small moment of concern when there was an announcement over the speakers that “Would Clarice Starling please report to the crew”… hm…

Clarice Starling? Are you kidding me? Was Hannibal Lecter on the flight as well?

So, here I am, sitting at the Melbourne Airport waiting to board the plane to Doha where I’ll take another airplane to Athens.

First leg of the journey accomplished… a 55 minute flight from Hobart to Melbourne.

Only 28 hours to go.


I am NOT looking forward to it.


Breaking news.

I’m still here. In Melbourne. At the Holiday Inn though, not on an airplane on the tarmac.

From what I gathered from others, a crew member did something when closing a door and a slide popped out almost sucking her out with it.

Not a good thing.

So after an hour delay and a further hour to come, the captain said that legally he needed 18 people to get off the plane voluntarily so they could fix the situation and fly. When he sweetened the deal with an upgrade to business class I took it.

I’m getting too old to fly in economy. My body just cant take that cramping any more. And when the person in front of me pushed his chair back into my face I almost became and instant claustrophobic. I had to get up and walk around. Sitting on a plane for hours is bad enough, but sitting in a plane which is not moving was just messing with my mind.

The deal is an overnight stay at the Holiday Inn with breakfast (and lunch if we opt for a later flight), a flight to Perth and then an upgrade to a flight to Doha from there to our final destination in Business Class. Guaranteed that they’d get us there to make connecting flights.

Hey. I’ll get to fly at least partway like a human being and not a pretzel.


PS I’m too tired to proofread so if there are typos in the above, deal with it.

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